Well, after 21 years in this industry, I must say I have seen pretty much everything.  Don’t get me wrong.  MAS 90 and MAS 200 (soon to be called Sage 100) are awesome programs for the ERP market and fit so many different kinds of companies.  But tell me where is the real recognition for the people who really support the product?  Huh?

For me, as the President/CEO of MTSI, I don’t take it lightly regarding my responsibility to my clients.  It is a hard job.  It requires extreme attention to details.  It requires a commitment to the client that we will only recommend things that will benefit them as a company.

I’m sorry Sage, but although we ONLY represent your product line, I refuse to be in the business of “selling” Sage solutions if it’s not a good fit.  I am here for the client not for Sage.  That may be a bit of hard medicine to swallow, but that is how I run my business and that will not change.

Not only is MTSI a “National Partner” with Sage, but for over 21 years have been only working with Sage products.  This includes MAS90, MAS200, MAS500, Act, Sage CRM, SalesLogix and BusinessWorks.  Over the past 4 years we have acquired 5 other Sage partners and have been awarded with President’s Circle.  But even with all of that, our focus is always the client.  You cannot put a square peg into a round hole.  It’s really that simple.

If you are struggling trying to figure out what is best for your business, no matter if you have Sage products or something else, please feel free to contact MTSI and we will be more than happy to access your situation and give you the correct advise.

Ok. Time to write about how I feel right now.  MAS 90 and MAS 200 are great programs.  But it’s not about how many you sell of them.  Ok?  Sage would have you think otherwise.  The bottom line is regarding if this is the right fit for the customer or prospect.  That’s it!  End of story.

MTSI has prided itself on providing great service and support for the past 21 years.  As the President/CEO of MTSI, I am not about to change that aspect.  If the product is a good fit for the client then hey, let’s go.  But if it’s not, then why go further?

I am NOT here to push boxes of MAS90 or MAS200.  I am here to do what is best for the customer.  That is why MTSI is still around.  Imagine 10 years ago there were over 1,000 of us around the country.  Now?  Less than 300.  Why? Because they either didn’t market their business, or switched to something different, or they were acquired/merged with another company.

MTSI has acquired 5 companies over the past 4 years because people see us as a company they can trust to take care of their clients.  We are not about selling stuff.  We are about providing a service that companies care about that helps their bottom line.  Yes, in doing so, it helps our bottom line as well.  But if your vision is about helping the customer’s bottom line first, then yours will follow.

I cannot tell you how tired I am of seeing companies trying to take advantage of their customers just for the sake of their own bottom line.  The real bottom line is that if you take care of your customers bottom line then yours will follow that shortly.  Just be patient and do what’s right.  It’s really that simple!

Back in October 2011, Sage Software Inc. announced the planned modification of name for branding reasons from the existing Sage MAS 90 ERP and Sage MAS 200 ERP to Sage 100.

With respect to Sage, they plan to improve the branding in the united states to match more closely with those in Europe, as well as Sage Software’s primary office is based in the United Kingdom (UK).

Pretty much all the various brands of Sage Software would change to a new set up, and not only Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200. Nevertheless, for the aim of this article on our site, we are going to be talking about only Sage 100 here.

The functions of the software are not expected to be altered apart from the standard updates and upgrades to most recent versions which is certainly the same as of the present.

Sage 100 is in fact the intended new term for the package of systems currently Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200. Within the Sage 100 brand, you will have 3 types, or “variants” if you will.

Sage 100 Standard is the replacement name for Sage MAS 90.

 Sage 100 Advanced will be the new brand for Sage MAS 200.

Sage 100 Premium is the new name Sage MAS 200 SQL.

Customers will begin finding information from Sage in regards to the product term changes at the beginning of 2012. Of course you’ll also have references to the new branding at Sage Summit, the yearly assembly for Sage partners and clients. The current preparations shows that roughly October 2012 the replacement solution brands should begin delivering to users.

A financial catastrophe or recession truly provides bad news mainly in the business market. This leads to a sequence of events in the day-to-day lives of individuals, driving them to strive more as a way to earn their living. In the industry perspective, this suggests lesser profits despite the fact that obligations are taking the cash away. Business owners need to run their companies more efficiently, cut expenditures, and shell out minimal while becoming efficient at highest outcome. But despite the economical downsides that occurred before, did you know there have been a lot of intelligent investors who created fortunes? These people invested in acquiring stocks at low value since they could tell that gradually their value will increase. They then sold their share at higher value during financial recovery. They were clever enough to recognize that their investment will be worthwhile.

Nowadays, Information Technology has shown to be important in nearly all company. Aided by the stunning boost of technological innovations, all mankind has become equipped with technologies enabling organizations to operate more efficiently by growth in productivity at least costs and come up with clever alternatives using sensible strategies.

This paved the way to the growth and development of Enterprise Resource Planning solutions popularly known as ERP. ERP systems have played crucial jobs in many corporations throughout the world and proved to improve revenue and organization progress. Among the many unique ERP solutions the most prominent are Sage MAS90 ERP and, Sage MAS200 ERP or plainly labeled MAS90 and MAS200. These software are manufactured by Sage Software, one of the world’s biggest organizations that create business solutions. Both MAS90 and MAS200 are CPA’s most encouraged solution than any other application in its type. They are generally called Business Management Solutions and Accounting Software which can make them feature-rich ERP system.

The MAS90 and MAS200 software supply a large selection of feature-rich applications which include core accounting, business intelligence apps, customer relationship management (CRM), e-Commerce, Human Resources (HR) and payroll, manufacturing, and distribution. They even have several modules to match your particular business needs.

Although during times of economic depression it really is advisable to slice expenses but shelling out on the ideal ERP system will profit your organization even more, making you cut back because of its ability and effective business management features. An investment in ERP software will payback eventually. Imagine yourself running an enterprise, you by hand carry out almost anything. Just how much chances do you think for you to create big errors? How much money should it cost you in case you wrongly ship wrong goods because you have poor inventory management? How much money you burn by your horrible executive decisions since you don’t have adequate comprehension of your funds? How disappointing must it be to lose clients over your competitors when you have poor customer relationship management?

MAS90 and MAS200 will act like a virtual brain for your business. You deal with your funds effectively with its Core Accounting solutions, the Business Insights module will give decision-makers an useful bird’s eye view of your organization and tells them where they could be more profitable with a brief snapshot of a company’s financial data, obtain comprehensive sales force automation and generate marketing strategies using the CRM module, keep track of your inventories, lower your expenses while raising profits with the Distribution module, manage all aspects in payroll with the comprehensive HR module, execute business on the internet with eBusiness and monitor your every step with Time and Project Management. These are only some of the various business-empowering abilities that MAS90 and MAS200 have to give you.

Although saving and cost-cutting is a good idea in times of tough economy, investing on the proper ERP software such as MAS90 and MAS200 is even a wiser choice. Don’t think of the cost but how much it should payoff depending on the features, advantages and benefits. Think about how many expenses you cut, the thousands of dollars it can save you, the delighted clients and loyal workers you keep, the wise executive actions you make, and the new business opportunities you engage simply because you’re made a better businessman by your clever move in investing on trusted and robust ERP software such as MAS90 and MAS200.








Sage MAS90 and Sage MAS200, reputable mid-market business management solution, deliver comprehensive tools for distribution, time and project management, business intelligence, accounting and a lot more. Designed to maintain maximum control for effective management, an array of user-friendly, reliable and insightful applications are packed within the Business Intelligence enhancement. Top management and officers can obtain a quick enterprise-wide evaluation of the firm’s status and develop bright conclusions from accurate financial assessments and reports.

With the changing and unpredictable economy, it truly is heavy to compete with the strong players. Each competitor plans to reign over on top of the market and sadly the small companies are usually eliminated from the business arena. In such a situation, precise and reliable intel are the main factors to outlasting in a tough economy. Dealing with this task, the Business Intelligence module for Sage MAS90 and Sage MAS200 was intended to assist businesses face the competition with certainty by relying on exact information which the solution supplies. Comprehending the facts and projecting what’s next by way of predicting will allow decision-makers to be aware and as a consequence, enables them to plan and choose the subsequent action.

As the name means, the Business Intelligence module is a collection of powerful business intelligence tools. The over-all Business Intelligence solution is comprised of sub-modules namely Business Alerts, Business Insights Explorer, Business Insights Reporter, Business Insights Dashboard, Crystal Reports, Custom Office, Visual Integrator, Document Management as well as KnowledgeSync. These are classified as the programs that let the executive to acquire, access, get hold of, assess and check data and transform the processed data into productive information for proper planning and also decision-making.

To be able to better recognize the capability of the Business Intelligence module for Sage MAS90 and Sage MAS200, acquiring knowledge of the modules and their functionality are required. Business Alerts updates the admin by means of email every time something crucial is moving inside the ERP system. Business Insights Explorer delivers a fast analysis of your firm and lets decision makers to produce wise choices with the aid of the files given. Business Insights Reporter delivers your financial reports in case you need them. Business Insights Dashboard allows access to critical business files. Provide and impress your audience with presentation-quality reports coming from Crystal Reports.

Enrich graphical financial reporting by customizing your rows and columns through FRx Desktop. Custom Office permits integration between your ERP and accounting system with your other business productivity utilities and furthermore helps integration with Ms Office. Visual Integration is actually a robust import and export tool that allows you to combine your ERP data along with other business applications. KnowledgeSync is the best business alerting solution that notifications you every time various circumstances require your attention. Document Management is carried out through Doc-link which is actually a comprehensive document software.

As we discussed, the Business Intelligence (BI) module for Sage MAS90 and Sage MAS200 offers robust business intelligence tools that provide awareness throughout the whole business, from predicting to financial reporting executives can get the crucial data they need to come up with the perfect conclusions. It doesn’t matter how good a product is, how excellent its selling activities are, each company needs to process their data and change it into handy information and this concern can be performed successfully using a impressive business intelligence system.

Throughout much larger or decentralized firms, fixed asset managing can create complicated complications in administration, access, user-precise customization and system security. Compatibility with present accounting software and the client/server systems can be of equal concern.

The Asset Accounting system Powered by FAS has turn out to be the Windows based fixed asset management system of choosing for capability and versatility in small to midmarket businesses. It incorporates the credited depreciation capability and ease of use of FAS with all the extra capacity and features your case demands. It was actually developed in order to satisfy the goals of your company, furnishing efficient, reliable, customizable fixed asset management abilities and data security.

Asset Accounting Powered by FAS grants the additional ability to make partial and full transfers and disposals, conduct large disposals together with automated gain/loss computations and follow transfer activities with as little as one key stroke.

Furthermore, it provides supplemental security features at the system level, company level and user-defined menu levels, as well as fully regulated access to predefined SmartLists. In the end, Asset Accounting Powered by FAS incorporates with MAS90 and MAS200 using the FAS Link, building an effective, reliable, easy-to-use, and protected accounting management system for your overall enterprise.

Transfers and Disposals – With the help of Asset Accounting Powered by FAS, you can make partial and whole asset transfers and disposals individually to user-defined depreciation schedules. Regarding large disposals, the software also automatically calculates gain/loss on individual assets.

Group Manager – This helps you define groups of assets along the way. Definitions could be determined by any characteristic including type, location, custodian and acquisition date. Depreciation, reporting, location change and disposal require only some key strokes to use.

Asset Views – Asset Detail View enables you to view all particulars of one asset from all 7 books on one particular screen. In Asset Group View, you are able to work with and check out multiple assets all together.

Asset Images – Photographs of an asset, purchase order, maintenance agreement, warranty, invoice along with documentation could be scanned into the file and watched on screen whenever you want, rendering a full and quickly accessible record of all the asset data.

Asset Navigation and History – In addition to the system’s impressive query abilities, it gives you quick switching between Main and Disposal functions, a total audit trail of the significant occurrences in an asset’s life, and the ability for attaching notes to record critical highlights.

Extended Fields – Description fields in MAS90 and MAS200 may be up to 80 characters in length, and extended user fields could fit up to 25 characters, providing optimal space for straightforward and complete asset definition. Up to 100 characters can be inserted for general ledger account numbers.

Automatic Calculations – Asset Accounting Powered by FAS easily creates AMT and ACE schedules using your range of more than 20 approaches to depreciation such as MACRS 150% and 200%, ACRS, Straight Line, Modified Straight Line, Declining Balance and Sum-of-the-Years Digits. Some other automatic computations available consist of Full Month Convention, Mid Quarter Convention and Half Year Convention to Section 179, ITC, Gain/Loss, Salvage Value and Tax Preference Amounts. It likewise affords the flexibility to make customized methods in each company.

Custom Report Writer – Over twenty basic reports can be obtained, each allowing user-defined sort and range criteria on all fields. It’s also possible to make custom reports with built-in report helpers, develop custom consolidated reports that allow you to “roll up” data without the need of changing the primary database and establish totals-only reporting for standard reports.

Extra Security – MAS90 and MAS200 could promise full security at user, user-defined menu, system and company levels, safe guarding crucial or private data from unauthorized access or manipulation. This safety measures feature moreover involves fully controlled access to predefined SmartLists for fewer data entry errors.

Windows Compatible – It is compatible with Windows and Windows NT. The system also imports from a wide range of well-known Windows apps including Microsoft Excel, and Lotus 1-2-3.

MAS90 and MAS200 Compatible – Asset Accounting Powered by FAS integrates with the MAS90 and MAS200 core programs for extensive accounting management functionality.

Online Help – Instant context-sensitive online help will be consistently obtainable. Furthermore, tailor-made Help for online corporate guidelines can be quickly added.

Technical Support and Updates – A FAS SupportPlus membership will provide access to toll-free phone help, automatic free system enhancements and updates, automatic tax law updates, 24-hour access to FAS SupportPlus Online and numerous additional privileges as well as value-added benefits.


One of the best features in Sage MAS90 and Sage MAS200, the world-renowned ERP and accounting software, is their functionality for modular basis. This means that you can customize the system and integrate the modules that you need to suit your specific business needs. The powerful accounting module is given because at the first place the program used to be an accounting software but as they evolved into an ERP software they offer more functionality beyond accounting. As an ERP, they now provide more comprehensive functionality including distribution solutions which make them very effective distribution software as well.

Distribution businesses are the ones responsible for the movements of products and ensure that they reach the end-users. This responsibility calls the need for effective distribution software and this is where Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 come in. These famous mid-market solutions effectively manage the distribution process which includes inventory management and control, order processing (purchase orders and sales orders), supply chain management, shipping and delivery, warehouse management, and many more.

Distribution software makes the distribution process become more efficient in so many ways depending on the activities involved. The movement of the products in the supply chain plays a vital role in wholesaling and retailing that is why every activity affecting this process should be carefully monitored. Sage MAS 90 and 200 ERP distribution software were made to address this responsibility. It is important to take a closer look on the modules along with their functionality in order to know how advantageous they are for a distribution business.

The bar code module allows the staff to scan the items by using a handheld computer during physical counting and all data about that item goes straight to the centralized database. An advance credit card processing solution is also available to manage secured credit card transactions between you and your vendors. Inventory control is now easier with multiple-warehouse management which provides information of every detail of the products’ movement including pricing, discounts and quantities.

Integrating the inventory management module with the purchase order module allows auto-replenishments of stocks because purchase order module automatically creates purchase orders and sends them to your vendors whenever stocks are running low. This ensures you have adequate stocks on your inventory thus eliminating over and under-stocking issues. Sales order module on the other hand creates sales orders whenever a customer purchases an item even if it is right from your e-Commerce website. Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) module processes customer returns and replacements. This value-added service makes customers happy.

The bottom line is, distribution software provides a smooth and efficient process in the distribution supply chain through the shortening of order cycles, increase in visibility across your whole enterprise through the integration of modules which provides better collaboration between different departments, reduction of costs and increase in sales. With all the features and functionality behind Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200, any company in the distribution industry would like to take advantage of the software’s benefits in order to make their customers happy while they effectively manage their internal and external resources.


Team collaboration is definitely a crucial tradition for The Game, America’s number one headwear name in higher education bookstores and sizable athletic wear chains. The Game drafts, imports, decorates and distributes logo apparel, primarily caps, embellished with team names. Additionally, they carry the famous license for NASCAR headwear and apparel, selling to trackside providers, accredited outlets and online consumers.

The Game features in-house embroidering processes performing 2 shifts daily, with innovative tools for high quality production as well as fast turn-around. Ten creators and developers take advantage of the most advanced solutions to make creative styles. One particular sister enterprise makes private-label garments products for sports enterprises. Another one maintains a 200-employee call center and fulfillment center, having 24×7 ordering ability for fantastic programs and promotions.

When The Game, previously referred to as Kudzu, started with only 8 staff, the management members planned to start out things right. On the suggestions of their accounting consultant, they decided on MAS200 as their accounting software, and have been using it from that time to handle the whole company.

MAS 200 is a outstanding product from an accounting point of view, as well as an awesome value for the money,” proclaims Jeff Stillwell, a partner at The Game. “Our overall accounting section credits it. It is structurally reliable, and offers us excellent improvements for auditing. And even it’s accommodating enough for multi-company usage, therefore we can easily exchange companies in and out effortlessly. Due to all these gains, we have no intentions to leave from the Best family of solutions.”

The Challenge

Next The Game expanded to 150 staff members and its warehousing functions turned much more complex. In 1999 the corporation erected a new 120,000 square foot structure to accommodate stocking and distributions, hoping for economies of scale. Though the move worked the other way around. The property was so massive that it was troublesome to find anything.

“We got greater than 10,000 SKUs and a manual checking system,” claims Stillwell. “Merchandise got misplaced in 24-foot racks. Hence Stillwell went looking for a storage facility management application – one which could work with the well-loved MAS 200 ERP.

The Solution

Kudzu’s channel partner found out RADIO BEACON™ WMS, a warehouse management software, at Visions, Sage Software’s annual partner conference, and realized that the software integrated with MAS200. Stillwell considered and authorized the plan. The reseller then brought in SWK, a MAS 200 master developer who had come up with RADIO BEACON integration. The reseller worked as external project administrator for the overall setup.

MAS 200 and Radio Beacon proved to be an outstanding alternative. Presently data passes flawlessly from the back office to the warehouse and back again, all in an entirely paperless course of action. Sales and purchase orders are sent digitally to the warehouse floor. The accounting personnel is “thrilled,” he affirms, mainly because they no longer need to key data into spreadsheets.


The solution barcodes master cases any time shipments come from offshore, generates a bar-coded shipping label per order and manages paperless picking. Picks are scanned for validating against order data, boxes are enclosed and they’re conveyed to shipment. Most importantly to The Game, the system also isolates orders amongst sister companies, avoiding disarray.

“MAS 200 at this point forms the structure for a fully integrated system,” points out Stillwell. “It has granted us to lessen stockroom staff by 37 percent, though we’re supplying more product than a year ago. We are also acknowledging significant savings from on-time shipments. We used to offer discounts for tardy transport. Now we’re reaching all of our deadlines, even during peak period, and could for this reason refrain from discounts that consume into revenue.”

“We’re able to achieve it all – speed up our warehouse operations, and integrate it with our dependable MAS 200 system,” Stillwell comments.


A amazing barcode app, commencing from the execution of the MAS90 and MAS200 Bar Code module, systematize your general corporate procedure. You will be able to receive data faster than before, and warehouse and distribution and receiving crew can easily track bar coded commodities through a scanner linked to a lightweight, fully compact handheld computer (HHC). A selection of data can be acquired, authenticated and confirmed in this way – not just stock counts, but also amounts, item numbers and lot/serial numbers of goods mailed and product received.

As an alternative to time-consuming manual data entry, the data can be instantly brought in using the HHC and filed into your MAS90 or MAS200 system. Inventory faults are very painful to your company; Bar Code, enhanced functionality, are able to really do away with data entry problems. Bar Code will be able to speed up tasks for dozens of staff, and various organizations recognize that execution of a bar coding application compensates for itself with the initial implementation.

Bar Code Printing – Bar codes are generally printed in either Bar Code 39 or Bar Code 128 type, and can be organized to print to around ten individual printers.

Unattended Upload of Handheld Computer Files to Workstation – Records stored on a handheld computer are downloaded directly into MAS90 or MAS200 Inventory, Purchase Order Receipts and Sales Order invoice transaction files and Bill of Materials Production and Disassembly entry, without any operator involvement. Whenever the HHC is connected for upload, the user could leave and the software works on the exchange of data on auto-pilot.

Import Inventory Transactions – Inventory sales, issues, transfer and receipt details are brought into Inventory Transaction Entry. Physical count details is simply brought in Physical Count Entry. After brought in, transactions could be modified and changed.

Import Purchase Order Transactions – Collecting information is imported into Receipt of Goods/Invoice Entry. Once brought in, records could be modified and changed.

Import Sales Order Transactions – Transport information is imported into Sales Order Invoice Data Entry. Once imported, invoices could be adjusted and printed before updating.

Inventory/Purchase Order/Sales Order Inquiry – You are able to inquire whenever you want concerning the status of all inventory items, open purchase orders and sales orders.

Receipt/Invoice History Inquiry – Brief summary and complete receipt/invoice details can be viewed, such as receipt/invoice header information and line item detail.

Customer/Vendor Inquiry – Vital details for almost any specific customer/vendor can be easily evaluated.

Label Printing – Bar code printing can be obtained for lot/serial, inventory receipt, and purchase order receipt labels & BOM creation labeling.

Purchase Order Receiver Printing – A bar coded purchase order (receiver) can be printed for use for the duration of receipt of merchandise. Bar coded purchase order numbers, item numbers as well as amounts are printed to be scanned as goods are obtained. The bar coded receiver assists you to receive stuffs that have never previously been bar coded.

Sales Order Printing – A bar coded sales order may be printed for usage all through delivery. Bar coded sales order numbers, item numbers and figures are printed and may be scanned as commodities are delivered. When used in conjunction with a bar code label, you’ll confirm that the item transported corresponds the item number on the sales order.

Picking Sheet Printing – A bar coded picking sheet could be created for use for the duration of shipping and delivery. Bar coded sales order numbers, item numbers and amounts are printed and will be scanned as products are shipped.

Automatic Accumulation of Counts – Once you scan more quantities of a merchandise previously scanned, the Inventory Physical Count volume will be accumulated instead of overridden.

Job Cost Integration – Job numbers and cost codes can be entered on the handheld computer for inventory issue transactions and brought into Inventory Transaction Entry.

Accounts Payable Invoice Numbers – Accounts payable invoice numbers may be inserted on the HHC for purchase order invoices and imported into Receipt of Goods/Invoice Entry.

Alias Item Support – Whenever information is imported into Receipt of Goods/Invoice Entry from Import Purchase Order Transactions and the item number isn’t seen in the inventory file, the Alias Item number file in inventory is looked.

Automatic Bill of Materials Import – Eliminate boring entry of serial or lot numbers directly into Bill of Materials Production Entry and Disassembly Entry by scanning the information from bar code tags.

Crystal Reports

Crystal Reports affords you the means to report on any data in your system, categorized and formatted in whatever way you want. Irrespective of whether you want exception reports, statistical analysis, trend and comparison reporting, or a simplified snapshot, Crystal Reports eradicates the necessity for extracting the data to a different system.

In the first editions of MAS 90 and MAS 200 several customers shied away from Crystal Reports because it’s quite complicated and all report must be started from nothing. At present however, you can find specialists to help you get on track and even better, most of the Standard Reports in MAS 90 and MAS 200 are actually Crystal Reports so its possible to simply focus on amongst those and prepare improvements as required.

And in case the power of Crystal Reports still does not provide the same format you wish, you are able to extract the MAS 9 or MAS 200 data on the report right into Excel and resume your formatting and data massaging there.

Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC) Links

Because MAS 90, MAS 200 and Excel (as well as other data analysis tools) are Open Data Base Compatible (ODBC), you can literally link from an Excel spreadsheet towards the MAS 90 and MAS 200 tables. Now most customers that use this feature do it only to get hold of a one-time data dump from MAS 90 and MAS 200, so that they can begin working with the data. At the same time if you have a recurring requirement for the same data, you could create the ODBC link as a live link within a formatted Excel spreadsheet, so that any time you open the spreadsheet, you can receive current data. Such as, for anyone who is currently extracting all the Sales Invoice History month after month for uses of commission calculation or salesperson reporting, and each and every month you use time sorting, and formatting the data, it is possible to quickly produce a preformatted spreadsheet with the ODBC link set and each month open it with current data, save it using another name and you are through. In a overall way, here’s how the new Sage MAS Intelligence tool runs.

Business Insights Explorer

With the move of MAS 90 and MAS 200 towards the new Business Framework (v4.x) Sage created Business Insights Explorer as an imbedded application giving you the capacity to perform business analytics on critical sets of data in your MAS 90 and MAS 200 system, while not having to attend Excel. Having an Excel like grid format, you can filter, group and total the data that makes meaning for your demands. Who is acquiring what, what items are moving and which aren’t, who’re my major customers and vendors. Even utilize it as an instrument to aim in on those clients who are behind in payments to help in the collection process. Existing either from the Business Insights menu, or from the Explorer menu within each module, you could start with amongst the 25 pre-existing Views and then tailor it to satisfy you particular business needs.

DataSelf BI

While you are over-relying on custom Crystal Reports or too much use of Excel spreadsheets, it could be time to examine DataSelf BI. DataSelf is a true DataWarehousing/Business Intelligence software that permits you to pretty much slice and dice the information in your MAS 90 and MAS 200 accounting software any way you choose. This easy-to-customize system is offered pre-configured with a data warehouse, OLAP cubes, dashboards and more than 2,000 reports and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). DataSelf provides you the type of business analysis and reporting sometimes only found in products costing 5-10 times that of MAS 90 and MAS 200, nonetheless it can be used and studied in a matter of hours, not weeks.