Possibly the most essential components of the MAS 90 and MAS 200 Extended Enterprise Suite (EES) is without doubt SageCRM. Just in case you’ve completed some homework, you without a doubt regarded that SageCRM is certainly a superb tool for sales and marketing executives. Getting said that, need to you glance just a bit deeper, you are going to search for out that SageCRM gives significant rewards to your accounting operations also.


Enhanced Cash Flow and Accounts Receivable Collections

SageCRM gives an “Accounts Receivable Collections Manager” that enables your accounting personnel to set in priority and oversee customer collections and quickly convert outstanding invoices into cash in the bank. The AR Collections Manager consolidates outstanding account details most suitable right into a single view that combines graphs and data in tables that grant you to quickly detect plausible problems and schedule follow up action.

Furthermore, the bundled Calendar and Task Manager usually requires you beyond a static printed aging report and furnish you with tools to focus on collection calls, escalate accounts, and schedule automatic email reminders. And contemplating that all visitors in your organization is working from the same Extended Enterprise database, your income group could have access to customer history and will guidance preserve the collections task doing work with the course of their interaction with customers.


No More Hand Holding

Certainly your accounting office acquires a lot of requests just about every week from sales and client assistance regarding the status of orders, shipments, refunds, credit lines, payments received, and a couple of other accounting and operational enquiries. Possessing Extended Enterprise Suite, SageCRM can give a window to MAS 90 and MAS 200 viewing that all data is centralized within a single database. That would mean sales and buyer assistance employees obtain prompt replies using the guidance of SageCRM to execute their distinct operational queries whereas Accounting many benefits from lesser daily disturbances. Also with proper security setup, sales is capable to input orders straight into MAS 90 and MAS 200 from the SageCRM desktop.


Improve Vendor Management

SageCRM helps make it hassle-free to stay on top of vendor discounts, track special contract arrangements, and technique purchasing requests and quotes in due time. Along with the Calendar and Task Management functions, it really is practical to make task reminders to make use of timely payment discounts. Functioning with the Communication Management function of SageCRM, you might monitor important members of your Vendor’s group and collect all agreements and documents in one spot which will be sure excellent vendor relationships.

Those are just a several illustrations of how SageCRM and the MAS 90 and MAS 200 Extended Enterprise Suites will alter your venture from a constrained service with departmental hindrances into an automated and successful extended enterprise.