5 Determining Factors On When To Migrate from Sage MAS 90 to Sage MAS 200

Given that Sage MAS 90 is a powerful ERP accounting software, time will come that you need more users to access your system. This usually happens when your business is growing significantly fast. This is the perfect time to upgrade from Sage MAS 90 to Sage MAS 200.

5 Signs You Are Outgrowing Sage MAS 90
If you find yourself seeing any of these 5 things, you may be ready to look beyond Sage MAS 90:

1.      You need or expect to need more than 10 users to access your Sage MAS 90 in one time

2.      Your Sage MAS 90 system slows down or halts if too many users access at one time

3.      You are currently doubling the amount of orders you process

4.      Daily posting practically shuts down your Sage MAS 90 system

5.      You experience data corruption due to system outage for a whole day

If you are experiencing these issues and your business is affected, then congratulations! Your business is growing fast!

You shouldn’t worry about this as we have the perfect solution!

The Perfect Solution
Even though this experience is somehow annoying and frustrating, a wise man once said, “in every problem lies an opportunity”. This is your opportunity to move into a more powerful ERP system which is Sage MAS 200, the higher version of Sage MAS 90. Having a straight transition from Sage MAS 90 to Sage MAS 200 is fast and easy:

  • Both Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 use the same database; therefore, there is no need for any data conversion
  • Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 have the same features, functionality, screens and menus; therefore, there is no need pay for training and learn a new system.

Why upgrade Sage MAS 200?

As we all know it, accounting demands intensive transactions which take a lot of time. Even though Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 have a lot in common, Sage MAS 200 handles transactions in a different way compared to Sage MAS 90. Whereas Sage MAS 90 sends data back and forth across the network to execute transactions, Sage MAS 200 simply sends commands to the server where all transactions are done. This is the client-server or thin-client platform which allows Sage MAS 200 to run on low bandwidths with minimal data transaction across the network. This allows Sage MAS 200 to:

  • Support more users accessing the system at the same time (more concurrent users)
  • Effective in remote server environments – With a secure internet access built-in, Sage MAS 200 does not need Terminal Services or Citrix.
  • Capable of managing large volumes of transactions – Sage MAS 200 can process 300%-1000% faster than Sage MAS 90. Sage MAS 90 is good if you are only dealing with a few hundred transactions per day but Sage MAS 200 is perfect for companies handling thousands of transactions per day.
  • Higher security, enhanced data integrity and reliability – Simply because Sage MAS 200 processes all the data in the server, there are no data transferred over the network which prevents data corruption.
  • Leverage the power of a scalable server – Storing and processing all data on the server enables more cost-effective and easier performance upgrades and helps the system continue to grow with your business into the future.

This is the perfect advice we can give to everyone who are currently or anybody who is expecting to outgrow their Sage MAS 90 accounting software. Sage MAS 200 was designed for this purpose. Upgrading from Sage MAS 90 to Sage MAS 200 is definitely the perfect decision.

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