A Smooth Transition from Peachtree to Sage MAS 90 Accounting Software

Many people are accustomed to using Peachtree accounting software for their business but as their business grows they feel that the need to upgrade into a more powerful accounting software is a necessity. There are many small-midmarket accounting software available today, however, if you want the best accounting software in its class, decide to upgrade from Peachtree to Sage MAS 90 or to Sage MAS 200. Wait! Here’s the good news for you! Sage MAS 90 also offers a Sage MAS 90 – Peachtree Edition which was specifically designed for users who are used to Peachtree.

Many Peachtree users are really used to the look and feel of the Peachtree accounting software and some of them have hard time adjusting and adapting to the new looks of Sage MAS 90. This is why the Sage MAS 90 Peachtree Edition was designed to address this concern. It enables a smooth conversion and transition from Peachtree to Sage MAS 90 because valuable tools and services are available to achieve smooth implementation of the tasks needed which include tutorials, conversion guide and a skilled support team. Marshall Technology Solutions, Inc. is one of the many Sage Partners who specialize in Sage MAS 90 and all its related services.

Great Capabilities

It’s not a surprise why a lot more CPAs recommend Sage MAS 90 more than any accounting software in the small-midmarket class. It is highly customizable and scalable and features a modular basis starting from accounting system and from then on, integrates with other solutions. You can choose to add more modules which provide solutions for your specific business needs allowing you to obtain a powerful ERP system. You might probably be wondering why Sage MAS 90 is necessary when you already have Peachtree. Peachtree is actually fine and good enough as long as it can meet you business needs effectively and efficiently. However, your business will soon grow and some businesses outgrow Peachtree’s capabilities. Sage MAS 90 Peachtree Edition is flexible enough to handle larger companies with up to 500 employees. It has more inclusive solutions with more modules and industry-specific add-ons.

Familiar GUI but a New Accounting Software

Enjoy your experience in your transition from Peachtree to Sage MAS 90 with a familiar look and feel. Sage MAS 90 Peachtree Edition features a similar look with the original Peachtree accounting software. This is ideal if you have multiple users because your staff and achieve a smooth transition. This also eliminates the need for extensive training of your employees in using a different type of software. In addition, Sage MAS 90 can also integrate with MS Word and Excel as well as some of your other favorite applications.

One of the other great benefits of shifting from Peachtree to Sage MA 90 is that you will be staying with the same software developer – Sage Software. Sage Software is one of the largest business software developers in the world with over decades of experience in providing thousands of companies with superior quality in software and services. You will still enjoy and feel at home with Sage MAS 90 with its high quality of functions, power, speed, flexibility and scalability.

Whenever you decide on moving to a more powerful accounting software, you can always purchase Sage MAS 90, Sage MAS 200 (regular or SQL Server Edition), Peachtree Quantum, Quickbooks Enterperise as well as other ERP and CRM solutions. If you have any concerns with your transition from Peachtree to Sage MAS 90, you can always contact MTSI, we provide you with the best conversion experience in this industry. If you are currently using Quickbooks, Sage MAS 90 also comes with a Quickbooks version which is Sage MAS 90 – Quickbooks Special Edition for easy conversion.

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