Accounting Software – Choose the Best Solution For Your Business

Accounting software is crucial in modern businesses. This is mainly because accounting software makes bookkeeping and financial management easier, more convenient, faster and more effective. Using accounting software to manage your financial needs is more efficient as compared to manually writing your accounting records. The good thing is, there are several accounting software that are available for demo purposes, some are even free but if you want the best, it comes at a certain fee.

However, free accounting software are only effective for entry level and small businesses because they do not need complex accounting processes. Larger businesses carry out more complex accounting transactions which demand for more powerful accounting software such as Sage MAS 90, Sage MAS 200. Accounting software at this level do not come for free, and the cost varies depending on the modules needed. Comprehensive accounting software also feature many integrated automation and business management capabilities.

Having said these certain conditions, what type of accounting software will suit best for your business? It’s important to know the types of accounting software to determine which is ideal for your business, they are:

1) Free Software: This type of accounting software only offers basic accounting capabilities and features but with limited functionality. Small business usually just need invoice management, payment of bills, cash receipts, account reconciliation, and some budgeting activities. In most cases, only one employee uses free accounting software program. Technical support for free software are usually limited because the developers encourage the users to purchase the premium versions to be able to obtain full support and updates.

2) Micro Business Software: Most accounting software in the micro-business category cost not more than a $100 which includes the benefits of the basic functionality, some additional features and technical support. Usually, micro-business accounting software includes inventory management capabilities, CRM functionality, project management and more. Micro-business accounting software is ideal for companies engaged in transportation industry or real estate that consistently deal with defined data and customer sets.

3) Small Business Software: Accounting software that falls within the small business category usually costs from a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars or more. Generally, small business accounting software allows multiple users to use the program at the same time. Small business accounting software includes basic functionality, more added features and excellent technical support services. It can be customized that can suit the users preferences and business needs, it can handle large amounts of inventory that are being distributed from warehouse to warehouse or a large storage facility. A good example of accounting software in this category is Sage MAS 90 ERP.

4) Mid-Market Software: Accounting software falling in the mid-market class usually costs between a few thousand to half a million dollars. Accounting software at this level offers high flexibility and multiple levels of functionality, carries out complex processes and integrates with other industry solutions. A good example of mid-marketing accounting software is Sage MAS 200 ERP.

5) Large Business: In many cases, accounting software in the mid-market category that cost more than half a million dollars can be upgraded to handle extreme large and complex and advance processes. Accounting software in this level is usually integrated in an ERP system. The company using accounting software in this level usually keeps strong relationships and works with its reseller most of the time, technical support is given at a full scale.

Although there are many factors to consider in choosing the right accounting software for your business, always remember that one of the most important thing to consider is support after sale. Only with proper support from your reseller can you be ensured that whenever you need help they are always there to provide it. When you choose an accounting software always make sure that it can provide your specific business needs. Free accounting software is really not that advisable if you are expect a fast growth in the near future, it is recommended that you invest on highly flexible accounting software with powerful capabilities and functionality such as Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200.

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