Chill out and Sit back as you let your MAS90 and MAS200 organize your fixed assets automatically

Throughout much larger or decentralized firms, fixed asset managing can create complicated complications in administration, access, user-precise customization and system security. Compatibility with present accounting software and the client/server systems can be of equal concern.

The Asset Accounting system Powered by FAS has turn out to be the Windows based fixed asset management system of choosing for capability and versatility in small to midmarket businesses. It incorporates the credited depreciation capability and ease of use of FAS with all the extra capacity and features your case demands. It was actually developed in order to satisfy the goals of your company, furnishing efficient, reliable, customizable fixed asset management abilities and data security.

Asset Accounting Powered by FAS grants the additional ability to make partial and full transfers and disposals, conduct large disposals together with automated gain/loss computations and follow transfer activities with as little as one key stroke.

Furthermore, it provides supplemental security features at the system level, company level and user-defined menu levels, as well as fully regulated access to predefined SmartLists. In the end, Asset Accounting Powered by FAS incorporates with MAS90 and MAS200 using the FAS Link, building an effective, reliable, easy-to-use, and protected accounting management system for your overall enterprise.

Transfers and Disposals – With the help of Asset Accounting Powered by FAS, you can make partial and whole asset transfers and disposals individually to user-defined depreciation schedules. Regarding large disposals, the software also automatically calculates gain/loss on individual assets.

Group Manager – This helps you define groups of assets along the way. Definitions could be determined by any characteristic including type, location, custodian and acquisition date. Depreciation, reporting, location change and disposal require only some key strokes to use.

Asset Views – Asset Detail View enables you to view all particulars of one asset from all 7 books on one particular screen. In Asset Group View, you are able to work with and check out multiple assets all together.

Asset Images – Photographs of an asset, purchase order, maintenance agreement, warranty, invoice along with documentation could be scanned into the file and watched on screen whenever you want, rendering a full and quickly accessible record of all the asset data.

Asset Navigation and History – In addition to the system’s impressive query abilities, it gives you quick switching between Main and Disposal functions, a total audit trail of the significant occurrences in an asset’s life, and the ability for attaching notes to record critical highlights.

Extended Fields – Description fields in MAS90 and MAS200 may be up to 80 characters in length, and extended user fields could fit up to 25 characters, providing optimal space for straightforward and complete asset definition. Up to 100 characters can be inserted for general ledger account numbers.

Automatic Calculations – Asset Accounting Powered by FAS easily creates AMT and ACE schedules using your range of more than 20 approaches to depreciation such as MACRS 150% and 200%, ACRS, Straight Line, Modified Straight Line, Declining Balance and Sum-of-the-Years Digits. Some other automatic computations available consist of Full Month Convention, Mid Quarter Convention and Half Year Convention to Section 179, ITC, Gain/Loss, Salvage Value and Tax Preference Amounts. It likewise affords the flexibility to make customized methods in each company.

Custom Report Writer – Over twenty basic reports can be obtained, each allowing user-defined sort and range criteria on all fields. It’s also possible to make custom reports with built-in report helpers, develop custom consolidated reports that allow you to “roll up” data without the need of changing the primary database and establish totals-only reporting for standard reports.

Extra Security – MAS90 and MAS200 could promise full security at user, user-defined menu, system and company levels, safe guarding crucial or private data from unauthorized access or manipulation. This safety measures feature moreover involves fully controlled access to predefined SmartLists for fewer data entry errors.

Windows Compatible – It is compatible with Windows and Windows NT. The system also imports from a wide range of well-known Windows apps including Microsoft Excel, and Lotus 1-2-3.

MAS90 and MAS200 Compatible – Asset Accounting Powered by FAS integrates with the MAS90 and MAS200 core programs for extensive accounting management functionality.

Online Help – Instant context-sensitive online help will be consistently obtainable. Furthermore, tailor-made Help for online corporate guidelines can be quickly added.

Technical Support and Updates – A FAS SupportPlus membership will provide access to toll-free phone help, automatic free system enhancements and updates, automatic tax law updates, 24-hour access to FAS SupportPlus Online and numerous additional privileges as well as value-added benefits.


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