MAS 90 and MAS 200 – Bill of Lading Solution

Bill of Lading (BOL) gives you complete control over every gallon of fuel, from the rack to your customer.


By combining the power of MAS 90’s world class Sales Order Processing, Inventory Management and Accounts Payable modules, DM2’s BOL software provides a single point of entry for processing bills of lading from your supplier.

Enter bills of lading from pickups by your trucks or by a common carrier. Supplier rack prices are checked automatically. Simply indicate which part of the load went to a customer and which part to your own storage.

Customer deliveries automatically transfer to the MAS 90 Sales Order Processing module from which the original customer order can be recalled, priced automatically and invoiced. Deliveries to your own storage create entries in your Inventory Management module. On-screen balancing helps you account for every gallon.

When the invoice or EFT notification comes from your supplier, you indicate the bills of lading included on this invoice. All appropriate taxes and costs then flow to the MAS 90 Accounts Payable module.

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Features of Bill of Lading by DM2 Software, Inc.


On-Screen Reconciliation – Total bill of lading gallons and gallons distributed are updated on screen to facilitate balancing. BOL gallons must match the gallons delivered. Retainage is accommodated.

Fuel Taxes – Set up which fuel taxes are paid at the rack by vendor and location. Fuel taxes are tracked from point of pickup to point of delivery as well as being carrier through to Accounts Payable.

Rack Pricing – Enter the daily rack prices for your suppliers or have them imported from DTN. All BOLs are checked against these rack prices to help ensure accurate costing.

BOL Reporting – Report on unreconciled BOLs as well as historical BOL reporting by supplier, product, pickup point and delivery point.

Sales Order Interface – Call up customer sales orders for BOL deliveries. Customer special pricing is automatically applied, the appropriate fuel taxes calculated, and the order turned into an invoice.

Inventory Interface – For BOL deliveries to your own storage locations, automatic inventory transfer postings are created for the MAS 90 Inventory Management module.

Accounts Payable Interface – When you receive an invoice or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) notification from your supplier, simply call up all outstanding bills of lading and “tag” the ones included on this invoice. All appropriate tax and cost information will then flow to the MAS 90 Accounts Payable module.

Multi-Platform – Available for single user DOS or Windows® Novell® Network, Windows NT® and UNIX® operating systems.

Today’s Technology – Windows or character based, multi-user, multi-session, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant, comes with Crystal Reports™ (a powerful WYSIWYG graphical report writer), multiple companies, context-sensitive help, output to other applications like Microsoft® Word® and Microsoft Excel,® and customize to your specific needs.

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