MAS 90, MAS 200 along with SageCRM

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Probably the most important elements of the MAS 90 and MAS 200 Extended Enterprise Suite (EES) is actually SageCRM. In case you have completed a few homework, you most likely found out that SageCRM is definitely an incredible application for sales and marketing experts. However, should you glance a little bit further, you will notice that SageCRM provides huge advantages to your accounting jobs too.

Improved Cash Flow and Accounts Receivable Collections
SageCRM has an “Accounts Receivable Collections Manager” which allows your accounting staff to focus on and handle customer collections and quickly convert outstanding invoices into cash in the bank. The AR Collections Manager consolidates outstanding account details right into a single view that brings together graphs and data in tables that enable you to swiftly determine possible issues and schedule follow up activity.

In addition, the built-in Calendar and Task Manager will take you beyond a static printed aging report and backs you with tools to focus on collection calls, escalate accounts, and schedule automatic email reminders. And because everybody in your group is working from the same Extended Enterprise database, your sales agents can have access to customer history and will help maintain the collections procedure running throughout their interaction with customers.

No More Hand Holding

Without doubt your accounting division gets several requests every week from sales and customer support concerning the status of orders, shipments, refunds, credit lines, payments received, and countless other accounting and operational queries. Along with Extended Enterprise Suite, SageCRM can offer a window to MAS 90 and MAS 200 since all data is centralized in one database. That indicates sales and customer support staff obtain quick responses utilizing SageCRM to carry out their particular operational queries whereas Accounting takes advantage from less everyday distractions. Actually with proper security configurations, sales can easily enter in orders straight into MAS 90 and MAS 200 from the SageCRM desktop.

Improve Vendor Management

SageCRM can make it uncomplicated to remain on top of vendor discounts, track special contract arrangements, and manage purchasing requests and quotes in due time. Together with the Calendar and Task Management functions, you are able to create task reminders to make the most of timely payment discounts. Making use of the Communication Management function of SageCRM, you are able to keep an eye on crucial members of your Vendor’s group and collect all agreements and documents in one location which will guarantee amazing vendor relationships.

Those are only a couple of illustrations of how SageCRM and the MAS 90 and MAS 200 Extended Enterprise Suites can change your company from a limited company with departmental hindrances into an automated and seamless extended enterprise.

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