Migrating Your QuickBooks Data While You Progress To MAS 90 Isn’t An Issue


QuickBooks already shown displayed to be an excellent accounting software for entry-level and small firms. QuickBooks has increased its user limitations and enhanced its underlying databases making sure that it will be able to conform to the development of the business for a longer time. You will find 3rd party add-ons offered that supplement the ability of QuickBooks beyond order processing and check writing.


If QuickBooks is an excellent accounting program, when is the right time to upgrade or transition to a more powerful accounting application such as MAS 90?

It actually depends on the scope of the business process and is not a technical issue. A small organization using QuickBooks can continue to deal with multiple orders and still make quotes and evaluate credits but still has the capacity to take care of different work. Suppose that the company expands, you have to keep an eye on a lot of business processes. You’re now working a lot of orders everyday, generate more quotes, ensuring deliveries are shipped by the due date and in place and things are competently monitored. You will no longer have the time to do this alone; as a result, upgrading to a far more formidable accounting solution like MAS 90 is a must.


Transferring from QuickBooks to MAS 90

So why advance to MAS 90? To respond this as straightforward as possible, there’s no question, MAS 90 is the top ERP and accounting program for small-medium size businesses. Migrating from QuickBooks to MAS 90 won’t be a problem at all. Sage Software works with its business partners to provide a clean transition from QuickBooks to MAS 90. Effective and comprehensive accounting solutions are covered in MAS 90. Dynamic analytical tools are integrated to help business owners figure out what they need to do to become more effective through the reports.


Data Migration from QuickBooks to MAS 90 is not a challenge whatsoever, unlike other competing accounting software in which you have to pay out thousands of dollars for time-consuming data conversion and migration. The time period needed for conversion basically depends on the volume of the QuickBooks data. QuickBooks versions Pro, Premier, Enterprise and 2005-2010 versions are supported for conversions to MAS 90. Your QuickBooks data such as General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Inventory Management, Tax and Banks accounts and etc. can be migrated to your new MAS 90. Data Migration to MAS 90 is safeguarded and secured.


To guarantee a streamlined and hassle-free transition, verify that you obtain a backup of your QuickBooks data, clear out all outdated QuickBooks data that you do not wish to convert, deposited any funds that are specified as “un-deposited” in QuickBooks, deposited any funds that are designated as “un-deposited” in QuickBooks and printed all recommended reports from QuickBooks.


MAS 90 furthermore, includes a QuickBooks version which is MAS 90 – QuickBooks Edition. This version of MAS 90 has a similar appearance and feel with the conventional QuickBooks accounting system. In case your staff is used to using QuickBooks, they are going to effortlessly go up and working quickly because they’re already acquainted with the user interface of the software. Additionally, MAS 90 – QuickBooks Edition also provides the same functionality with the conventional MAS 90. It is only up to the user to make a decision on what version of MAS 90 they are going to choose.

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