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Ever wondered why MTSI is one of the leading resellers and partners of Sage MAS 90, and Sage MAS 200in North America? The answer is simple. It’s because the company knows what “strategy” is. To be specific, it is the strategy in the game of chess.

Personally, for me, I’m not an expert chess player; however, I do enjoy pondering about strategy, particularly in business. I like to connect how chess being the greatest game of strategy can even be associated with business and marketing. With the introduction of computers, it’s remarkable to think about all of the possible strategies because a computer can “think” over 20 moves in advance and how swiftly a computer can process data. In this post, I’m revealing once more how practicing chess strategy can aid your company develop and to turn out to be even more productive and smooth that is certain to have a substantial pay off. These same kinds of strategies have been employed by many companies all over the world, and this is why MTSI have applied these strategies to grow and prosper.

Even though you are not a passionate chess player, you will still have the ability to latch on to these concepts.

Chess has been in existence for more than a thousand years and as a result it carries a very long history. It was used to teach Emperors, Kings and Queens about strategy since it began.

Something that intrigues me with the game is how significant it is. You possess castles, knights, bishops, pawns and obviously the king and queen. Every piece in chess enables you to think back to mid-evil times. Perhaps one of the best means I can connect the game of chess to business and marketing is to develop several of that significance to each of the pieces. This must assist you to think of resolving challenges for your business and developing a method to still win.

Successful companies these days utilize these kinds of strategies.

How do we attack a problem in business piece by piece.

Let’s start looking at the castle, also referred to as the rook. It moves straight ahead, backwards or sideways. It is an extremely powerful piece. You can consider it like military strength. Think of it as size and toughness in business. It can also be a great defensive piece on the board. It can embark upon the offensive and sweep in swiftly over the entire board. In regards to business, this could be a portion of your market share for your company.

After that let’s evaluate the knight. In the earlier times, if you had horses it was an indication that you have wealth. And owning an entire stable full of horses suggested you are really rich. The knight or horse could be associated with the financial strength of your business. The knight steps on the board in an “L” shaped pattern and may even hop over other pieces. The place you will find the knight the most useful in chess is when it is down the middle of the board. So if you’re able to place cash into the center of what you really are wanting to achieve, you’ll be able to manage your situation. Nevertheless, just like with the knight, you must have an excellent exit strategy with your cash or you might lose it.

Now for the bishop. Here we’re speaking about politics, impact and settlement which fall under the bishop. Pertaining to your business, we might connect this to building contacts and networking. It will be managing several circumstances at your company or swiftly sweeping in to clear a challenge or bottleneck. The bishop goes diagonally across the chess board and may emerge from nowhere immediately.

Those are a few things that you can do to leverage situations to your benefit associated with connections, capital, strength and size. So at this point let’s examine a number of the strategies.

Chess associated with business strategies

The one thing you have to constantly carry out in chess is maintain the pressure on. Each and every move you make you generally have to pressure your adversary to make an expected defensive move. In this way, it is possible to remain in control and stop them from taking an offensive move of their own. You would like them to be continuously respond and “putting out fires.” If you do so, they’ll be unable to carry out their own strategy. If you gaze at the world generally speaking, the USA appears to be very good at that since every other country has a tendency to respond to the movements made by the USA. It needs to be the same for your company to keep your competition on their own heels and launch your firm to the top in your industry.

Every single move you will be making matters big time. When you make the wrong move it’s simply a lost turn. You will probably be sacrificing time and losing ground, in addition to momentum. You can even risk losing control of the scenario and discover yourself becoming the one on the defensive and on the run. Just like skilled chess players, a brilliant entrepreneur must be really careful during the “opening” relating to the things they’re doing. However after you have won some advantage, it’s time for you to step in for the offensive.

In the game of chess, every single asset you possess matters. If ever you lose a piece now and you are unable to take on one out of your adversary on your following turn you could very well lose the match. It’s exactly the same in business and marketing. Business is equally as competitive. You will require every asset that you can gain in order to have an advantage over your competitors. Whenever you will get in front of your rival, the momentum usually accumulates and then it’s just like a snow ball rolling from top to bottom. You want to use every asset at your disposal. If you’re not utilizing it, then sell it so that you can turn it into cash so you can use that as your power piece.

One particular thing about chess is it educates you to adopt serious pressure and complicated circumstances and discover ways to cope with them. It demands substantial degrees of strategy. Just as if you can rely on gravity to make an apple drop on someone’s head, you are able to rely on chess to teach you strategy to help your business.

In business, the same as in chess, if you find yourself competing against somebody, you have to try to assess all the movements your competitor is likely to make against you at any time. Obviously you won’t be able to forecast every move, however the point is to try your very best. Then you will have to determine a practical counter move that will assign value to each of those moves. You will have to use intuition to be ahead of your rival so as to win the game. Just like a computer chess game, you must have a “code” which can be your “strategy” crunch numbers swiftly enough. Whenever your rival makes a move, wait if you can, contemplate and evaluate, then make your move. Occasionally, you are able to prepare yourself if you know your competitors very well so you can respond to your competitors easily, therefore, you most certainly will win the game.

In summary

For the typical businessperson, creating a business marketing strategy is an enormous task. You have to be prepared to fearlessly confront all the inherent challenges associated with starting a new business and be prepared to take on all the challenges head on. The exception is the businessperson who is courageous, who’s prepared to take risk and has the common “get it done” mindset.

If we are referring to the typical entrepreneur, these people slip and slide all-around, seeking to achieve that evasive goal called success, rather than assaulting the task in a daring way. They take little step-by-step jumps, usually in the wrong course, rather than making use of strategy and planning all of their marketing moves.

In the world of small business marketing, strategy is similar to the real difference between checkers and chess. Even though goal is the same, the difficulties of the procedure for the game are way unique. Chess is a lot more complex game than checkers since there are additional factors; similar to the business world. Chess and business demands more planning, focus, effort and strategy. To win in chess and business also requires the characteristics of endurance and determination with many, many hurdles to find the way around.

In checkers, it is simpler and needs hardly any focus and forethought. Since checkers is simpler, it is sometimes the way in which the majority of businesses operate their marketing strategy. Very sad, but true.

As with the game of chess, marketing your business is a really complex task. Chess players foresee potential movements and will align their pieces in a way that every one fortifies the others on the board. The pieces are operating collectively for the common goal in a common strategy and plan. Your marketing initiatives for your company needs to be accomplished the same exact same way.

Every marketing step you make has to strengthen the prior move to be able to beat the competition. As an alternative of employing chess pieces you’re using your mission statement, website, logo, brochures, sales letters, emails and hundreds or a large number of other marketing methods.

The same as bishops, rooks, knights and pawns, each one of these methods each have a unique degree of usefulness and have to be used properly. Some tend to be more effective than others and really should only be used once the time is perfect. Others, such as business cards, aren’t as beneficial but have an critical place in the game and your business.

As a company owner you don’t risk losing pieces to your competition, you’re endangering losing business. Just like a great chess player, you have to create your strategy to win on a extremely constant cycle. It requires your focus, vision, and awareness to remain in the game ’till the end and emerge the winner.

Here are a few things you can apply on your game board for your business marketing strategy:

Remember to look into your customers and give them all of your attention. Fill up their demands with your distinctive product or service.

Remember to create a clear and brief marketing message. Be specific and consistent with the way you convey your benefits and features.

At all times regularly communicate with your target market. Create alternative ideas to consistently sell to your clients and prospects. Be acquainted with your target market, but not too obtrusive to become irritating and going too far.

Constantly cultivate your Unique Value Position (UVP). Find out where you stand in the marketplace and be conscious of your competitor’s movements to be able to stay ahead. Make sure that you’re reacting to their behavior not responding in an illogical, defensive stance. Remain on the offensive whenever you can.

Constantly develop a relationship with your market, customer, prospects and vendors. Become familiar with your market and make sure they know you care. Discover what they want and need via surveys and discussion.

Constantly market on a daily basis. It is extremely essential that your marketing strategy has a long view onward. Try to think 3 or 4 steps in advance by creating a marketing strategy and working on it every working day.

These are generally just a few methods for you to make your business marketing strategy but are really important. Always keep in mind that you need to think like a chess player and look into the upcoming by expecting what the market desires and what your competition may possibly do. Whenever you do you can take pleasure in positive results and win the game.

Now you know why MTSI is one of the best Sage MAS 90 resellers in the country. It is because of these chess strategies why we made it to the top 20 Sage partners and we survived the harsh ERP and CRM industry for over 20 years. We use the same strategies in how we market our flagship products, namely Sage MAS 90, Sage MAS 200. Surprisingly, these ERP software act as your comprehensive and complete business management solution thereby propelling your business to the top of your industry. So this means to say that these ERP software enables your company to move decisively like chess pieces. You just need to right Sage MAS 90 training, and Sage MAS 200 training from MTSI if you want the best training in this industry.

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