Sage MAS 90 Success Story – MAS 90 and JobOps Enable Custom Woodworking with Quick Turnaround

This is a story of how Harbinger Industries grew from a $2 million company to over $6 million after combining Sage MAS 90 and JobOps

Company Name: Harbinger Industries
Corporate Profile:
Minneapolis, MN
Type of Business
Architectural Woodwork
Number of Locations
Number of Employees
Annual Revenue

$6 Million

For nearly 20 years prior to using Sage MAS 90 & JobOps in his successful career, Michael Quirk used to be a teacher who is tired of working for someone else and wanted to become his own boss. Michael had a passion in working with wood crafting and it was on that moment that he started his own business, Harbinger Industries. From its humble beginning, his business is now worth $6 million dollars and has over 50 employees. His 35 woodworkers craft products from elevator cabs and banking display units to desks and courtroom walls. His engineers had brilliant and creative ideas in making prototypes to final products and each design is unique and can be custom-made according to the client’s preferences.

Among those requirements is tremendously fast turnaround. The woodworking industry has grown to be highly competitive, which is forcing manufacturers to purchase new equipments and deliver products with relatively short lead times. In response to fast changing market expectations, Harbinger Industries is consistently looking for innovative methods to serve its customers – and technology is becoming an ever far more important factor of that service.


“Many years back, we were using an accounting software that had no accounts receivable or sales modules. Worse, it can’t integrate with our operations tasks which we were compelled to do manually. That accounting software was sluggish, clumsy and incomplete.” said Myron Buccek, COO of Harbinger Industries. Engaging in the manufacturing industry, we needed an accounting software that can integrate accounting with real-time information on our operations which includes tracking the hours spent on a certain project and assigning them a job ticket. Furthermore, speed has become almost as vital as the craftsmanship in this business. From then on, we began looking for a more powerful accounting software.


After researching, Harbinger Industries found out that integrating Sage MAS 90 and JobOps makes one extremely effective solution. Sage MAS 90 definitely can provide all the sophisticated accounting capabilities and JobOps’ real-time tracking of labor, materials, purchases and other activities and costs related to the job. With Sage MAS 90 and JobOps combined, operations and financial information management became more effective and most of all, managing both became more convenient through a single source.

The Sage MAS 90 and JobOps combination was exactly what Harbinger Industries was looking for. Way back in 1997, following after a few months of researching and comparing different accounting software products, Harbinger Industries decided to invest in Sage MAS 90 and JobOps and was very satisfied with its productive results. “If Sage MAS 90 can work for many companies then it will surely work for us,” says Buccek. “The new system was exactly the perfect value for all the capabilities that we need.” The system is an excellent value for all the capabilities we get.” Harbinger Industries can now create a budget, list the material requirements, set up a production schedule, and apply resources to completing every aspect of a job. “We used to manually track all operations when we were still a $2 million company and our previous system hindered our company’s growth. By combining Sage MAS 90 and JobOps, we have become one of few companies in this industry to provide fast response rate to our customers’ demands and has enabled us to capture a huge market.”

Buccek also explains that most who are working at Harbinger are tradesmen not businessmen. While the industry demands a powerful system, employees need a program that is relatively easy to learn and to use — for every person in the company. Sage MAS 90 and JobOps fits the equation. “We had greatly reduced a lot of expenses, lessened our training time through the user-friendly interface. We’ve also saved a lot from customization costs because all information needed can be delivered in the standard reports.”

These types of reports are generated from information that is entered into the system once, and afterwards linked to every other function. All tasks are networked through the Sales Order module, where all new quotes begin. Once accepted, a quote can quickly be converted into a standard order, and work tickets created.

At Harbinger Industries, each work ticket is unique, since every woodworking order is custom-made for the client. In systems that are not as totally integrated, this may end up in a logistical logjam, and make the actual cost of production difficult to track. Not with Sage MAS 90 and JobOps combined. Parts, labor and purchase order activities might be dynamically linked with the work ticket. This means purchase orders for needed components may be automatically attached to the applicable work ticket. In addition, labor, which is entered straight from the shop floor via the Time Tracker module, updates both the work ticket and the payroll application.

Harbinger Industries can access the real-time status of an order through the internet – from whether a component has been ordered or an invoice received, to exactly how much labor has been expended. All of these are all credited to the integration of operations and accounting by integrating Sage MAS 90 and JobOps which results to a boost in efficiency and productivity.

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