Sage MAS Intelligence Replaces FRx in Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200

Sage MAS Intelligence

Sage announced last year their intention to retire FRx and replace it with the new Sage MAS Intelligence which happens to be a very powerful and user-friendly graphical financial reporting tool. Get the critical information of your business, delivered right into your hands and conveniently read them through a new report designer. Sage MAS Intelligence goes beyond your General Ledger reporting needs, it distributes business intelligence throughout your Sage MAS ERP (MAS 90 and MAS 200) systems including Sage CRM and Sage Abra.

Sage MAS Intelligence benefits will include:

  • Quickly identify and respond to trends using sophisticated, customizable dashboards
  • Empower your staff with timely, meaningful information and trend reports
  • Easily create comprehensive financial, operations, customer, and vendor reports
  • Efficiently view, manipulate, analyze, and distribute reports in a familiar Excel format
  • Extract up-to-the-minute high level summaries, account groupings, or transaction details
  • Effortlessly consolidate data from multiple companies, divisions, and databases
  • Streamline customized work in Excel

Microsoft FRx – Financial Report Extender

Microsoft FRx (Financial Report Extender) financial software is a full-featured, graphical financial reporting tool. FRx Desktop is recognized as a “best-of-breed” financial report writer, and is a market leader with more than 75,000 installations worldwide, 8,000 of which use Sage MAS 90, Sage MAS 200 ERP systems.

With FRx Desktop, the ability to specify row and column formats independently maximizes the flexibility of report formats. Combine formats with custom reporting trees that match your company’s chart of accounts structure to report on specific cost centers. Using a special tool known as the “Cleaver,” you can restructure your cost centers, or carve out new account segments not possible in your standard general ledger. After creating a report, you can print it, export it to an Excel worksheet, drill down to examine the transaction details, or distribute it by e-mail. Plus, FRx Desktop includes links that allow you to include external spreadsheet data in reports. You can also generate multi-company consolidation reports.

FRx Desktop Core Module for MAS 90 and MAS 200


  • Real-time Data Access-The FRx link allows you to build general ledger lists automatically and pull your accounting data directly from the application.
  • Graphical Formatting-FRx Desktop allows you to change fonts and colors for professional-looking report printing.
  • Drill Down-With FRx, it’s simple to drill down to transaction-level detail. FRx allows users away from the office to view reports directly from e-mail, performing extended drill-down navigation.
  • Roll Up-The functional opposite of Drill Down, Roll Up allows you to consolidate business units, yielding combined totals and other information.
  • Unposted Data-Before posting data, perform a “what if” analysis on your data to determine the effects the transactions will have on your ledger.
  • Export to Excel and HTML-FRx Desktop offers straightforward exporting of formulas and values from reports to your favorite spreadsheet (for example, Microsoft Excel or Lotus 1-2-3). You can also export reports to HTML.
  • Cleaver-Use the special “Cleaver” tool to resegment accounts or carve out new account structures.
  • Drag and Drop-You can precisely move reporting units from parent to child positions and vice versa, with standard Windows drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Account Types-FRx Desktop supports account types for proper management of debit and credit amounts.
  • XML Support-XML outputs provide the foundation for supporting industry standards such as AICPA’s XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language) standard for financial reporting based on XML.
  • Printing Options-The Print Immediately feature automatically prints a hard copy to the default printer in addition to the selected output, and the Collate option enables you to print (or collate) multiple copies.
  • Security and E-mail Distribution by Reporting Tree Unit-Send specific business unit information to multiple users by e-mail with one report.
  • Spreadsheet Link-Your reports can include links to external spreadsheet data.
  • Reporting Trees-FRx Desktop gives you an unlimited number of reporting trees.
  • Multi-Company Consolidations-Users gain the ability to generate multi-company consolidation reports from within FRx Desktop.
  • Security-Secure by company and report templates.
  • Account Sets-Group sets of accounts under one name, then refer to and update the entire account set in a few easy steps.
  • MAPI E-mail Support-Send reports as attachments or include a link to a file stored on a shared server to predefined e-mail groups. The Demand Page viewing feature sends only the requested information.


  • Balance Sheet
  • Tabular Balance Sheet
  • Side-by-Side Balance Sheet
  • Balance Sheet with Ratios
  • Cash Flow Report
  • Income Statement with Percentage of Net Sales Circulation
  • Income Statement
  • Regional Profit and Loss
  • Rolling Quarter Income Statement
  • Last Three Months Transaction Detail
  • Departmental Transaction Detail
  • Departmental Transaction Detail
  • Debit and Credit Transaction Detail
  • Full Year Transaction Detail
  • Transaction Detail Drill-Down Report (using Drill Down Viewer)
  • Trial Balance
  • Full Year Forecast
  • Budget Variance Analysis
  • Variance Analysis Using Trial Balance
  • Exception Reporting
  • Rotated Departments and Expenses
  • Row Linking Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • Consolidated Balance Sheet
  • Consolidated Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • Side-by-Side Consolidated Income Sheet
  • Consolidated Balance Sheet with Eliminations
  • Consolidated Income Statement
  • Side-by-Side Consolidated Income Statement

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