Start using MAS90 and MAS200 to comprehend every element in your enterprise

Sage MAS90 and Sage MAS200, reputable mid-market business management solution, deliver comprehensive tools for distribution, time and project management, business intelligence, accounting and a lot more. Designed to maintain maximum control for effective management, an array of user-friendly, reliable and insightful applications are packed within the Business Intelligence enhancement. Top management and officers can obtain a quick enterprise-wide evaluation of the firm’s status and develop bright conclusions from accurate financial assessments and reports.

With the changing and unpredictable economy, it truly is heavy to compete with the strong players. Each competitor plans to reign over on top of the market and sadly the small companies are usually eliminated from the business arena. In such a situation, precise and reliable intel are the main factors to outlasting in a tough economy. Dealing with this task, the Business Intelligence module for Sage MAS90 and Sage MAS200 was intended to assist businesses face the competition with certainty by relying on exact information which the solution supplies. Comprehending the facts and projecting what’s next by way of predicting will allow decision-makers to be aware and as a consequence, enables them to plan and choose the subsequent action.

As the name means, the Business Intelligence module is a collection of powerful business intelligence tools. The over-all Business Intelligence solution is comprised of sub-modules namely Business Alerts, Business Insights Explorer, Business Insights Reporter, Business Insights Dashboard, Crystal Reports, Custom Office, Visual Integrator, Document Management as well as KnowledgeSync. These are classified as the programs that let the executive to acquire, access, get hold of, assess and check data and transform the processed data into productive information for proper planning and also decision-making.

To be able to better recognize the capability of the Business Intelligence module for Sage MAS90 and Sage MAS200, acquiring knowledge of the modules and their functionality are required. Business Alerts updates the admin by means of email every time something crucial is moving inside the ERP system. Business Insights Explorer delivers a fast analysis of your firm and lets decision makers to produce wise choices with the aid of the files given. Business Insights Reporter delivers your financial reports in case you need them. Business Insights Dashboard allows access to critical business files. Provide and impress your audience with presentation-quality reports coming from Crystal Reports.

Enrich graphical financial reporting by customizing your rows and columns through FRx Desktop. Custom Office permits integration between your ERP and accounting system with your other business productivity utilities and furthermore helps integration with Ms Office. Visual Integration is actually a robust import and export tool that allows you to combine your ERP data along with other business applications. KnowledgeSync is the best business alerting solution that notifications you every time various circumstances require your attention. Document Management is carried out through Doc-link which is actually a comprehensive document software.

As we discussed, the Business Intelligence (BI) module for Sage MAS90 and Sage MAS200 offers robust business intelligence tools that provide awareness throughout the whole business, from predicting to financial reporting executives can get the crucial data they need to come up with the perfect conclusions. It doesn’t matter how good a product is, how excellent its selling activities are, each company needs to process their data and change it into handy information and this concern can be performed successfully using a impressive business intelligence system.

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