The Significance of Manufacturing Application Integration together with ERP

Everyone in the ERP and accounting software industry is aware that MAS90 and MAS200 were made as an accounting software. MAS 90 denotes Master Accounting Series for the 90’s provided that it was intended to render accounting solutions in the 90’s. At the moment, it has state-of-the-art from an accounting software into a robust ERP method for the small and midsized industry which showcases its versatility and functionalities. Accounting software apart, getting familiar with the manufacturing functionality of MAS90 and MAS200 will deliver a better insight why scores of manufacturing firms sense the will need and invested in the program.

To suit your needs to know why manufacturing enterprises must have these plans, you will need to know what solutions they grant, what they can attain and how their functions can adjust the business method in general. As an ERP software, MAS90 and MAS200 have a very in-depth manufacturing module which comes with the 3 most important things in the manufacturing operation, the Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Work Order Processing in addition to Bill of Materials. Extra dynamic modules in the manufacturing module embody Inventory Management, Purchase Order and Sales Order. All of those functions are tested and examined in assisting manufacturing companies streamline their processes.

Learning the features of the modules and how they influence your organization is also another essential position in mastering the ERP system in fully. The 3 biggest modules and items of a manufacturing software:

1.    Material Requirements Planning or MRP – Request the manufacturing management specialists and a number of of them will let you know that material requirements planning is the most time-consuming employment in involving all aspects in manufacturing. Alongside MRP, specialists can plan quite very carefully, schedule purchases effectively and greatly reduce scheduling and purchasing fears. As demanding as the manufacturing operation is, manufacturing managers won’t be able to realistically afford to avoid operations due to the lack of materials on stockpile owing to horrible planning. MRP solutions inquiries linked with the manufacturing schedule like what materials are vital, the amount and when they are mandatory. As a result of MRP, you can expect to have the ability to streamline your manufacturing operation by means of staying absent from such problems and you will continue working on schedule. This will aid you acquire leverage of your lead time.

2.    Work Order or WO – is the vital element in the manufacturing module of MAS90 and MAS200. WO grants manufacturing managers with the ability to verify updates of the manufacturing plan promptly, give out work orders, make work schedules, and see costing related to the manufacturing undertaking and much more. Work Order integrates easily with Bill of Materials and other modules to produce an comprehensive ERP choice. So this will indicate making Work Order is automatic as an alternative to accomplishing it manually, this will likely make it a lot easier for you.

3.    Bill of Materials or BOM – In producing an end product, it takes a detailed list with all the numbers of materials to be utilized which includes raw materials, intermediate assemblies, sub-assemblies, sub-components, components, and another areas. Utilizing the BOM of MAS90 and MAS200 will provide manufacturing managers precise and descriptive reports about billing, material requirements and production report. Most significantly, with BOM, you know precisely what you will need to set up your end product, making you efficient in your resources acquisitions.

Besides the 3 necessary modules and factors of the manufacturing software, one can find other important modules which would make an ERP manufacturing software effective. To be in the ERP software division means multiple applications can merge with each other which furnish more logical reasons ERP manufacturing software is really important.

Amongst individuals is certainly the Inventory Management (IM) module, which allows you to effectively manage your inventory system in several warehouses which can be vital to streamlined manufacturing and distribution. Horrible inventory management can cost businesses sales opportunities, shipment and forwarding setbacks, on top of that, under and overstocking will nicely strike your financial statements. Utilizing IM, your manufacturing small business will have sufficient stocks and perfect inventory management system.

The last modules to better your manufacturing organization are Sales Order and Purchase Order. Developing Sales Order module or SO, you will end up aware of your customers’ information, from their mailing and shipping address as much as their transaction record. You may knowledgeable of the offer of your stocks, pricing, costing, tracking numbers of shipments, automatically manufacture invoices and more. At the same time, the Purchase Order or PO module helps you automatically generate purchase order when your stocks are running low and it retains critical records of your transactions along with a whole lot a great deal more. The bottom line is, the PO and SO modules will automatically complete your purchase orders and work orders in your behalf.

Both Sales Order and Purchase Order module smoothens your sales ordering and purchasing processes by automatically producing the necessary information and creating actions the moment the circumstance takes place. Furthermore, the PO module can automatically make purchases orders from sales orders. All items need to be set and configured and after conditions are met, the MAS90 and MAS200 ERP manufacturing software will automatically complete actions to automate your manufacturing processes.

Being aware of the functions and capabilities of the manufacturing module for MAS90 and MAS200 will give you a better learning on how they can be heading to benefit your manufacturing organization. One of the most necessary point here is that these ERP manufacturing software’s powerful functions will conserve loads of time, effort, money, guarantee manufacturing efficiency and enrich profitability this is why manufacturing companies necessitate either of these two ERP manufacturing software to make things easier for them. A large number of suppliers taking element in manufacturing businesses have already taken benefit of these ERP software system, driven their efforts to a second level and they’ve credited these solutions for their success.

Acquire Additional Advancement By means of Sage MAS 90 Accounting Resolution

In today’s dangerous marketplace, it truly is hardly ever effortless and quick to supervise a corporation without using and taking advantage of Information Technology. Rising developments in technologies are launched each and every day and all those buyers who grasp those possibilities could triumph over the competition. Employing an ERP and accounting software will truly formulate an enhancement in nearly any enterprise within this progressive decades.

The Sage MAS 90 was literally developed as an accounting software way back in the mid 80’s. At this moment, boasting its innovative and constant additions, it has become more refined into comprehensive ERP solution which in turn delivers business management solutions and automations for important business processes for numerous industries. Remarkably, even to this day many individuals still look at it as an accounting software and is in contrast of its ERP nature. It has the Core Accounting module and people can easily choose to install different modules to manage all the other business elements.

The most crucial question is, why have to your organization necessitate an accounting or ERP software such as Sage MAS 90? Undoubtedly, Sage MAS 90 will not be just for any firm. Regardless of whether it presents successful business solutions, you could be shelling out higher than what your home business seriously needs. Nevertheless, when your corporation is growing, you are hiring a whole lot more people, your clients and prospective customers are increasing, your clients depend on credit cards, that you are dealing with many different transactions, you’ve outgrown your old common or entry-level accounting software, your bottom and leading lines are increasing and you also really need a more in depth product with sizeable capabilities then Sage MAS 90 fits your must have.

In current occasions, you are able to get a hold of an awful lot of firms that thanked Sage MAS 90 as between the variables that moved them inside the direction of their business success. Plenty of accounting software for the duration of the 1980’s desire constant data backup which in turn tends to make use of a lot of cherished storage, it ordinarily takes loads of time to arrive up with a report, processing is terribly time-consuming and the price tag of these forms of methods will very likely reach roughly a half million dollars. With the launch of Sage MAS 90, an excellent selection of corporations transitioned to this new software given that it’s more workable, faster, supplies improved exact reports, is able to tackle the rising business must have by frequent technological enhancements and benefits can be quickly customized. These options enabled them to become more prosperous and cost-effective in their business duties.

It doesn’t matter what industry you enter, Sage MAS 90 can deal with your specialize and unique demands. Its ERP nature will allow it to be actually customizable and attributes multiple industry solutions by way of its in depth selection of module add-ons. Corporations in the manufacturing, distribution, food and beverages, electronics and computers, construction, and a great deal a great deal more can genuinely benefit the method. Moreover, its integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, e-Commerce, time and project management, human resources and other purposes make Sage MAS 90 an accommodating ERP and accounting software.

If you happen to take place to become operating a small or midsize internet business you must think of investing in a powerful ERP and accounting software. It is not practical to encounter the aggressive and unpredictable market and the ideal way to foresee the future of your organization is to make it. Acquiring all the features, advantages and benefits which citizens can acquire from the software, your corporation will push to the next level. Who knows, your company might possibly be one of the many that will soon credit Sage MAS 90 its success spouse.

Awesome ten guidelines and hints in selecting the excellent accounting program to your business enterprise

Deciding on the appropriate accounting software to employ in your organization is in reality a complicated profession. This may very well probably ought time with numerous issues to keep in mind. Picking the proper accounting software will significantly revenue your organization but around the contrary, heading for the incorrect one might also damage your company instead of supporting it. Right here are 10 pointers and advices to take into consideration on your lookup for the proper accounting software for your enterprise:

1.    Acknowledge your business troubles – It truly is not workable for any firm in no way to encounter a problem regardless of how small it happens to become. Establishments put into action an accounting software to make details significantly less difficult and to aid them resolve their business problems owing to the solutions made available by the software. Ensure that the one you can be deciding on may help you answer your business considerations.

2.    Costs by not obtaining an accounting software – it really is incredibly common and understandable that sometimes the critical accounting software are usually fairly expensive, but it truly is actually far more costly and threatening for the firm to not look at the accounting software program. You have to think of and weigh the gains of implementing the accounting software when compared with not obtaining at all. Could the accounting software one example is Sage MAS 90 can cost you around $10,000-$15,000 it’s possible you’ll be worrying it’s significantly too much, but visualize if the functionality and output that it grants can literally save you a good deal more than double the cost, will you consider that?

3.    Business Size – Simply just be realistic; come to a decision on an accounting software that is appropriate for your business size. The smaller the size of your business, the lesser your business conditions are and the larger the size of your business, you obtain more business needs. As an example, though QuickBooks and Peachtree provide the outcomes completely on small companies, they cannot control the progressive requirements of the mid-market level, as a result, selecting MAS 90 or MAS 200 is actually a better choice.

4.    Industry – You can also keep in mind that just about every and each industry possesses its individual particular or customized software. Mostly talking, making use of a specialized software may just be more expensive then again the benefits of working with a specialized software can maybe be increased than the costs. So before choosing your accounting software, conduct an intensive research and make sure it can handle the specific needs of your industry.

5.    Support – The accessibility for support after order is amongst the most considerable components to consider in looking for a reseller. Most accounting software are well-rounded plans that ought to have licensed consultants to support whenever problems take put. It happens to be not encouraged that you troubleshoot your accounting software issues while not any allow. Setbacks from little business accounting software such as QuickBooks, Peachtree or MYOB might possibly be truly rather simple to troubleshoot with very little dependence on advisor support but software complications from more well-rounded solutions such as Sage MAS 90, SAP, Solomon and SysPro require specialist support.

6.    Financial Resources – One more factor to remember has to be your spending budget. Do you have the money to obtain the requested accounting software? You must also feel about the cost-benefit assessment in your implementation. At all times decide on the one that can supply the optimum perks for your business. When you need to have an a lot more dynamic accounting software like Sage MAS 90, MAS 200, SAP, NetSuite or Microsoft Dynamics, just ensure you have the imperative financial price range to obtain any of these mid-market accounting software programs.

7.    Expert Recommendations – Search for steps and neutral views from professional users, professionals and accountants. It can be also highly recommended that your accountant should be involved in the solution search or in the buying process. Your accountant might likewise indicate affirmation if she or he is in a position to depend on the data handed by the accounting software. Often, it can be also your accountant who utilizes the accounting software.

8.    Simplicity of use – Occasionally persons overlook their accounting software and fall short to consider the usage trouble level. Regardless of how great your software can be, it is actually practically ineffective if it truly is particularly hard to realize or usually takes a long time to learn considering the fact that it is too complicated. A sizable quantity of accounting software necessitates training ensuring that consumers will become competent in implementing them. This includes Sage MAS 90, MAS 200, SAP, Oracle and other people. All the same, training will guide you to benefit the most from your accounting software.

9.    Features – features need to also be put under consideration. It is the added value of any product which include accounting software. Features may comprise inter-application integration including CRM integration with your accounting software. This lets you to deal with your consumers and your financial files at after. Does your accounting software integrate with E-Commerce, your human resources, payroll and other important aspects in your organisation? Good examples for accounting software with integration performance are Sage MAS 90, MAS 200, SAP, Microsoft GP Dynamics and Oracle E-Business Suite just to mention a handful of. Keep in mind, in case the features are on modular basis, pay out only for the features that you happen to be intending to use and don’t invest for unneeded modules.

10.    Training – Training must also be taken into consideration. You cannot expect to be superior right away once utilizing your new accounting software. You will need time to learn, get chosen and make improvements to your proficiency skills. The purpose for training is for you to find out how to do things effectively.

Probably at this moment you should be able to have an awareness on the aspects to bear in mind in on the lookout for an accounting software. These suggestions will certainly offer you with better content on the issues you must consider. Applying these methods will aid you to identify the applicable accounting software you will utilize for your organization.

MAS 90 and MAS 200 – Bill of Lading Solution

Bill of Lading (BOL) gives you complete control over every gallon of fuel, from the rack to your customer.


By combining the power of MAS 90’s world class Sales Order Processing, Inventory Management and Accounts Payable modules, DM2’s BOL software provides a single point of entry for processing bills of lading from your supplier.

Enter bills of lading from pickups by your trucks or by a common carrier. Supplier rack prices are checked automatically. Simply indicate which part of the load went to a customer and which part to your own storage.

Customer deliveries automatically transfer to the MAS 90 Sales Order Processing module from which the original customer order can be recalled, priced automatically and invoiced. Deliveries to your own storage create entries in your Inventory Management module. On-screen balancing helps you account for every gallon.

When the invoice or EFT notification comes from your supplier, you indicate the bills of lading included on this invoice. All appropriate taxes and costs then flow to the MAS 90 Accounts Payable module.

Today’s business challenges require no less than the best business software for your industry. Call us today for more information.



Features of Bill of Lading by DM2 Software, Inc.


On-Screen Reconciliation – Total bill of lading gallons and gallons distributed are updated on screen to facilitate balancing. BOL gallons must match the gallons delivered. Retainage is accommodated.

Fuel Taxes – Set up which fuel taxes are paid at the rack by vendor and location. Fuel taxes are tracked from point of pickup to point of delivery as well as being carrier through to Accounts Payable.

Rack Pricing – Enter the daily rack prices for your suppliers or have them imported from DTN. All BOLs are checked against these rack prices to help ensure accurate costing.

BOL Reporting – Report on unreconciled BOLs as well as historical BOL reporting by supplier, product, pickup point and delivery point.

Sales Order Interface – Call up customer sales orders for BOL deliveries. Customer special pricing is automatically applied, the appropriate fuel taxes calculated, and the order turned into an invoice.

Inventory Interface – For BOL deliveries to your own storage locations, automatic inventory transfer postings are created for the MAS 90 Inventory Management module.

Accounts Payable Interface – When you receive an invoice or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) notification from your supplier, simply call up all outstanding bills of lading and “tag” the ones included on this invoice. All appropriate tax and cost information will then flow to the MAS 90 Accounts Payable module.

Multi-Platform – Available for single user DOS or Windows® Novell® Network, Windows NT® and UNIX® operating systems.

Today’s Technology – Windows or character based, multi-user, multi-session, Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliant, comes with Crystal Reports™ (a powerful WYSIWYG graphical report writer), multiple companies, context-sensitive help, output to other applications like Microsoft® Word® and Microsoft Excel,® and customize to your specific needs.

If you are not yet using MAS 90, and MAS 200, have your free needs analysis now at MTSI!

A Few Capabilities of MAS 90 and MAS 200 that Users Are Not So Familiar With

For years, we have encountered users MAS 90 and MAS 200 who come to us complaining about their software. MTSI’s comprehensive and in-depth MAS 90 training covers up a lot of details about the software’s capabilities. As time goes by, users forget the software’s features in its entirety and therefore they tend to think that MAS 90 or MAS 200 lacks the functionality. Most of these users originally came from other resellers who transferred us for better services and after taking some time talking to them we realized that they were not given proper training with MAS 90 or MAS 200. This is the reason why most of them are not aware that their accounting software are capable of doing the things that they are asking.


Listed down are several capabilities of MAS 90 and MAS 200 which users are not usually aware of:

  1. You are able to receive orders from the internet using the eBusiness module which serves as the e-Commerce system for MAS 90 and MAS 200. This is accomplished through the 3 applets of eBusiness which are .store (B2C), .order (B2B) and .inquiry for online account management.
  2. Lot and Serial numbers can be traced for inventory transactions within MAS 90 or MAS 200. They are usually required in medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries.
  3. For better productivity and convenience, MAS 90 and MAS 200 can be customized to tailor the user’s preferences. This can be done through the Custom Office module which also allows limitless user-defined fields and tables for the majority of MAS 90 and MAS 200 applications.
  4. Manage your human resources and payroll within MAS 90 and MAS 200 ERP through full integration with Sage Abra HRMS and Sage Abra Payroll.
  5. The Paperless Office capabilities of MAS 90 and MAS 200 allow you to fax, print and email to a single or multiple addresses and fax numbers. You are able to register, save statement journals and different kinds of documents to white papers or PDF.
  6. MAS 90 and MAS 200 can easily deal with Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) transactions through 3rd party EDI applications.
  7. You, as the business owner, manager or as someone in authority is notified instantly whenever there are critical conditions in your business that need your immediate attention. This is possible through KnowledgeSync which serves a Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and Business Intelligence software. Examples: Emailing an invoice to a client when they place an order, faxing a purchase order to a supplier when stock runs low, scheduling a sales rep to follow-up with a prospect who hasn’t been contacted or taking an incoming email and creating a support ticket.
  8. MAS 90 and MAS 200, through its Visual Integrator module, can easily import from or export to any ODBC-compliant source. You can run the importing and exporting whenever you wish to or you can schedule to run it on the background at anytime, you are also able to run MS Excel queries. Visual Integrator enables you to smoothly integrate your MAS 90 and MAS 200 to other business software.
  9. MAS 90 and MAS 200 can seamlessly integrate its accounting system along with other industry-specific solutions such as hotel management software, restaurant POS software, real estate management software, as well as practice management software.
  10. MAS 90 and MAS 200 can seamlessly integrate with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software such as ACT! by Sage, SageCRM and Sage SalesLogix. This allows you to stay in contact and build long lasting relationships with your customers.
  11. For the user’s convenience, management of sales taxes is done automatically in MAS 90 and MAS 200 through the integration of web-based sales tax management software.
  12. MAS 90 and MAS 200 can also auto-create fixed-asset right after you purchased or acquired that certain item. The new Fixed Assets link Auto-creates fixed assets during Accounts Payable invoice data entry, Purchase Order entry and Receipt of Invoice.

If you are not yet using MAS 90, and MAS 200, have your free needs analysis now at MTSI!

Accounting Software – Which Category Is Best For Your Company

Regardless of the fact that there are certainly several factors to bear in mind in selecting the right accounting software for your business, always keep in mind that one of the most basic facts to consider is support after purchase. As you may know it, accounting software is certainly a complex computer program which at times needs industry experts for users to secure the support they need.

Accounting software is significant in modern-day businesses. Accounting software is quite vital if you wish to have a consistent and streamlined accounting system and book keeping. Manually writing your financial files is much less effective as compared to employing an accounting software solution. Don’t worry, the great part is, there are certain accounting software that you can get for test purposes, some are even free however, if you choose the best, it comes at a certain cost.



Sage MAS 90 Small Business Edition

Is your business starting small but thinking big for what’s ahead? Are you looking for accounting software that will suit your small business needs and still allow growth in the future?

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By investing in Sage MAS 90 Small Business Edition, growth-minded companies will not only gain a powerful, stable accounting solution, but they will also enjoy an easy expansion and migration path that makes good business sense. As your company grows, Sage MAS 90 ERP will grow with it. You can easily upgrade your system to standard Sage MAS 90 ERP, or you might choose Sage MAS 200, our powerful client/server edition. All versions of the software provide the same look and feel, virtually eliminating the learning curve that is often present when changing software products. Your important Sage MAS 90 Small Business Edition data, including all your historical detail, will also function seamlessly with the standard Sage MAS 90 ERP or Sage MAS 200 ERP systems.



ERP Accounting Software – Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 ERP

Sage MAS 90, Sage MAS 200 – Sage Software’s flagship products, the top-rated ERP and Accounting Software in its class which dominated the market for over 25 years.

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The lineup of Sage ERP MAS software is your best choice — no doubt, Sage’s ERP software is the best in its class. For over the past 25 years in the accounting software industry, it was Sage MAS 90 that swept away and set the standard for accounting software. As time passed by after its introduction, Sage MAS 200 provided more powerful solutions for larger companies. /p>


Sage MAS 90 Experts

Provides perfect solutions for your Business whether its small business or mid-size business.

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Sage MAS 90 ERP – is CPA’s most recommended accounting software for small-mid market which increases productivity, efficiency and profits for your business.

MAS 90 and MAS 200 offer full-featured accounting, manufacturing, and distribution functionality. They come standard with Business Insights—an insightful executive information system that shows managers where they can be more profitable with a quick snapshot of a company’s financial data. With more than 25 modules to choose from,MAS 90 and MAS 200 are comprehensive products that allow customers to tailor a system to meet the growing needs of their businesses. Customers can add integrated E-commerce, HRMS, and CRM solutions as well as the accounting, distribution, and manufacturing solutions.

Featuring a range of built-in customization options, both MAS 90 and MAS 200 can be quickly and easily modified to meet customer-specific requirements. Our nationwide network of business partners offers hundreds of off-the-shelf, industry-specific enhancements designed to help customers make the most of their software investments.