Call For Sage MAS90 Support Whenever You Need It

Enterprise Resources Planning or ERP and accounting software are advance computer programs designed to enhance business productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. They are comprehensive in nature and may sometimes take time to learn in order to be properly used. Among the many ERP and accounting software available in the market today, the leading and most popular are Sage MAS90 and Sage MAS200.

Are you a Sage MAS90 user who has experienced having trouble with the software and never got the help you needed? If so, worry no further because excellent and reliable Sage MAS90 support is what Marshall Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSI) is known for. MTSI has over 20 years of experience in Sage MAS90 and has witness its evolution from an accounting software in the 1980s to a powerful ERP software today. As the number of users of the software are increasing from time to time, the demand for Sage MAS90 support is also increasing. Unfortunately, not all users get the Sage MAS90 support they needed from their Sage MAS90 partner or reseller but fortunately, MTSI is here to open new doors and solve this problem.

Know why MTSI’s Sage MAS90 support programs are truly top notch…

Aside from the intensive knowledge and 20 years of experience with Sage MAS90, MTSI has more to offer. For a first timer, it takes a few months or up to two years in order to fully master Sage MAS90 but in MTSI, we provide you with Technical Support Engineers who are all Certified Sage MAS Consultants. Sage, the software developer of Sage MAS90, provides certifications to their business partners and customers who have passed their accreditation trainings and MTSI has undergone all these. On top of that, aside from being certified by Sage, MTSI’s Technical Support Engineers are also accredited by Microsoft being Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers or MCSE. This means that aside from being experts in Sage MAS90 software, our technicians can also fully troubleshoot your hardware and networking issues. Other Sage MAS90 resellers only have certifications from Sage which leaves them helpless when the client’s Sage MAS90 support issues has something to do with hardware and networking.

Aside from the credibility and accreditations, MTSI also provides different Sage MAS90 support programs in order to provide the better support flexibility to the clients. The first Sage MAS90 support program is Straight Billable Time. This means that MTSI will only bill the client on a regular billing rate based on the number of hours the work is done. The second one is Pre-Paid Block Plan. MTSI provides adequate discounts to clients who prepay their support plans. MTSI offers 10, 20, 40 and 80 hours prepaid block for Sage MAS90 support. The higher the prepaid block is, the bigger the discount. The third and last one is the MRATS™ (MAS Remote Access Technology Support™) Program, which allows MTSI’s Technical Support Engineers to provide Sage MAS90 support over the internet without the need for a personal visit. MTSI is proud to be one of the first few Sage MAS90 partners who offered the MRATS™ program.

So if you are looking for the best Sage MAS90 support out there, come and look no further, MTSI is just right here for your company. We are top notch and we maintain that reputation all these years. Call now and know more on how we can provide you the Sage MAS90 support you need. Call MTSI now at 866-848-2957 (toll free).

Did you choose the right Sage MAS 90 reseller to work with as a partner?

Marshall Technology Solutions, Inc. (MTSI) has been in the ERP and CRM industry for the past 19 years. Over this long course of time, not only it has built and nurtured strong business relationships with clients but created friendship among business owners and executives which also serves as a healthy component in business partnership synergism. Its flagship ERP and accounting software products, Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 has satisfactorily benefited clients’ businesses and served as a factor in contributing to their growth and success. This is mainly because Marshall Technology Solutions, Inc. only offers superior ERP and CRM solutions from Sage. In connection with this, MTSI became one of the largest Sage Select Partners in the United States which means MTSI does not offer competing brands.

A good question for any company out there looking for a Sage MAS 90 software would be “what makes MTSI different from every other Sage MAS 90 reseller?”

That is exactly what smart people ask when they are on their search for a reliable Sage MAS 90 reseller but MTSI is just any other common software vendor that anyone would find who only cares about selling. MTSI works with you and your company hand in hand to assist you with any needs and concerns related to the software. This is the reason why we are not just any ordinary software vendor but more appropriately your Sage MAS 90 partner. To be a partner means is more on working things together for the mutual benefit. Our products and services are specifically designed to provide powerful business management solutions which make business run more efficiently, effectively and productively.

Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 are all comprehensive ERP and accounting software. They are designed to provide the growing and special business needs for small to enterprise level companies. MTSI wants to ensure that the clients are fully making the most out of the software investments they make which is why MTSI strongly encourages Sage MAS 90 training as well as training for Sage MAS 200. Increasing the bottom-line is one of the main goal of every business, so this implies that there should be more sales going in.

Considering the technical difficulties involved in the software industry, providing software support or technical support services contributes a lot to sales but MTSI does not only care about selling like many resellers do. MTSI focuses more on training the clients in using the software so that future support costs will be minimized. This is one of the business ethics which is also reason why MTSI has consistently retained a nearly 100% client retention rate for the past 19 years. Should the necessity of Sage MAS 90 support or MAS 200 support arises, MTSI is also provides Technical Support Engineers who are not just Certified Sage MAS Consultants but Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE) as well. This means our team can easily troubleshoot not just your Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 software but your hardware and networking problems as well. Most resellers only have certifications for Sage MAS 90 software which leaves them helpless when dealing with network and hardware problems.

MTSI cares of its clients’ business as well. MTSI aims for the client to attain success and growth through the products and services that we provide especially with Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), accounting software and other business solutions that MTSI provides are superior than competing products which is why MTSI is confident that with the proper use of these solutions, clients can increase their top and bottom lines with unprecedented satisfaction.

If you are looking for a highly reliable Sage MAS 90 reseller, MAS 200 reseller,  Sage MAS 90 partner,  and Sage MAS 200 partner then MTSI is just the call you need to make. We can open new doors for your business.