Track Your Products with Complete Dependability through MAS200 Accounting Software

Team collaboration is definitely a crucial tradition for The Game, America’s number one headwear name in higher education bookstores and sizable athletic wear chains. The Game drafts, imports, decorates and distributes logo apparel, primarily caps, embellished with team names. Additionally, they carry the famous license for NASCAR headwear and apparel, selling to trackside providers, accredited outlets and online consumers.

The Game features in-house embroidering processes performing 2 shifts daily, with innovative tools for high quality production as well as fast turn-around. Ten creators and developers take advantage of the most advanced solutions to make creative styles. One particular sister enterprise makes private-label garments products for sports enterprises. Another one maintains a 200-employee call center and fulfillment center, having 24×7 ordering ability for fantastic programs and promotions.

When The Game, previously referred to as Kudzu, started with only 8 staff, the management members planned to start out things right. On the suggestions of their accounting consultant, they decided on MAS200 as their accounting software, and have been using it from that time to handle the whole company.

MAS 200 is a outstanding product from an accounting point of view, as well as an awesome value for the money,” proclaims Jeff Stillwell, a partner at The Game. “Our overall accounting section credits it. It is structurally reliable, and offers us excellent improvements for auditing. And even it’s accommodating enough for multi-company usage, therefore we can easily exchange companies in and out effortlessly. Due to all these gains, we have no intentions to leave from the Best family of solutions.”

The Challenge

Next The Game expanded to 150 staff members and its warehousing functions turned much more complex. In 1999 the corporation erected a new 120,000 square foot structure to accommodate stocking and distributions, hoping for economies of scale. Though the move worked the other way around. The property was so massive that it was troublesome to find anything.

“We got greater than 10,000 SKUs and a manual checking system,” claims Stillwell. “Merchandise got misplaced in 24-foot racks. Hence Stillwell went looking for a storage facility management application – one which could work with the well-loved MAS 200 ERP.

The Solution

Kudzu’s channel partner found out RADIO BEACON™ WMS, a warehouse management software, at Visions, Sage Software’s annual partner conference, and realized that the software integrated with MAS200. Stillwell considered and authorized the plan. The reseller then brought in SWK, a MAS 200 master developer who had come up with RADIO BEACON integration. The reseller worked as external project administrator for the overall setup.

MAS 200 and Radio Beacon proved to be an outstanding alternative. Presently data passes flawlessly from the back office to the warehouse and back again, all in an entirely paperless course of action. Sales and purchase orders are sent digitally to the warehouse floor. The accounting personnel is “thrilled,” he affirms, mainly because they no longer need to key data into spreadsheets.


The solution barcodes master cases any time shipments come from offshore, generates a bar-coded shipping label per order and manages paperless picking. Picks are scanned for validating against order data, boxes are enclosed and they’re conveyed to shipment. Most importantly to The Game, the system also isolates orders amongst sister companies, avoiding disarray.

“MAS 200 at this point forms the structure for a fully integrated system,” points out Stillwell. “It has granted us to lessen stockroom staff by 37 percent, though we’re supplying more product than a year ago. We are also acknowledging significant savings from on-time shipments. We used to offer discounts for tardy transport. Now we’re reaching all of our deadlines, even during peak period, and could for this reason refrain from discounts that consume into revenue.”

“We’re able to achieve it all – speed up our warehouse operations, and integrate it with our dependable MAS 200 system,” Stillwell comments.


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