Two concrete reasons why Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 are more preferred by Small and Medium Businesses

Two concrete reasons why Sage MAS 90  and Sage MAS 200 are more preferred by Small and Medium Businesses

Sage knows SMBs better than any other software developer – There are more than 5 million SMBs worldwide that rely on Sage Software especially Sage MAS 90 to Sage MAS 200 for the sole reason that Sage focuses more on SMBs by adding more functionalities in their software that are flexible enough to handle the current and future needs of SMBs as their businesses evolve.

Microsoft, on the other hand, tries its best to become everything to everything and is continuously struggling resource balance between all their business units, such as accounting software products, consumer products, and technology offerings. Additionally, Microsoft is constantly changing their product roadmaps, release dates, and partner models. This is where Sage gets the upper hand, Sage focuses more on helping SMBs face their business challenges through their top-notch business software.

There’s no doubt about it, Sage is complete – Sage’s flagship products namely Sage MAS 90 to Sage MAS 200  and accounting software can match Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft Dynamics is just a rebranding of the different products they have acquired namely Navision, Solomon, Great Plains, and Apaxta which was previously known as Microsoft Business Solutions.

Sage MAS 90 to Sage MAS 200 has the upper edge – featuring a more powerful accounting software ad business management solution combined with the breadth of functionality, flexibility and scalability which equip you with the tools you need especially in rapid growth, Sage is still the better choice. With automations for many key business processes, streamlined workflow, efficient inventory control, intuitive business intelligence tools and more, Sage MAS 90 to Sage MAS 200 are the best in the SMB class.

More reasons to move to Sage Software

Customer Referral Program – Sage Software customers earn 5% commission on referrals that close! To register a lead, call 866-675-LEAD (5323), or fax in a Lead Referral form.

Superior support programs — Make the most out from the business management software or ERP software that you invested. Sage offers the superior technical support services at its best value. New releases, accounting software tax table updates, 24/7 technical advice, and more. You can also call MTSI at our toll-free number at 866-848-2957 for Sage MAS 90 support and Sage MAS 200 support.

Sage software training – Sage along with its business partners provide training for the software you purchased. You have the option to choose from classroom, online/remote access, self-study or personal training. MTSI provides all of these. Just give us a call. We are an Authorized Training Center.

The Total Cost of Ownership for a business solution includes many factors beyond the initial accounting software license. Other factors include hardware, infrastructure, implementation services, and maintenance. Microsoft charges a 16% annual maintenance fee on Dynamics AX, yet it hasn’t released a full release since 2002.

MTSI opens doors for you, we will be honored to be your Sage MAS 90 reseller | MAS 200 reseller and Sage MAS 90 partner | MAS 200 Partner.

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