Why Choose MTSI to be Your Sage MAS 90 & MAS 200 Reseller, Support and Trainer

For nearly three decades of Sage MAS 90 history, there have been numerous Sage MAS 90 resellers who have made it to the top. Probably hundreds of them, however, only a very few can be considered “superior” when it comes to reseller partnerships and MTSI is proud to be among them. MTSI is a team of seasoned veterans with over 20 years of experience in Sage software products. The ERP and CRM industry demands intensive technical knowledge backed with profound mindset for entrepreneurship.

The key elements to success in this industry are intensive technical knowledge of the products being represented by the reseller, partnering with the right people and keeping strong relationships with business partners and clients. This is the reason why Marshall Technology Solutions, Inc. is enjoying its growth as a company and continues to diversify in other industries. Thanks to the strong leadership of Larry Marshall, President/CEO and David Mak, CIO, MTSI became one of the largest Sage Select Partners and resellers in North America.

MTSI – A Team of Seasoned Veterans in Sage Software

MTSI specializes in Sage software products. MTSI is popularly known as a Sage MAS 90 reseller for the reason that Sage MAS 90 is it number one selling product followed by Sage MAS 200, JobOps and various ERP and CRM software. Our Technical Support Engineers are Certified Sage MAS Consultants which means that we are equipped with intensive technical knowledge of the Sage MAS product lines. In addition, they are also Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers (MCSE) which means that our technicians can also troubleshoot our client’s issues even if they related to hardware and networking. Other resellers only have Sage MAS certifications which leaves them helpless if the issues are related to hardware and networking.

Because our team members are experts with the product that we represent, we are able to provide superior Sage MAS 90 training and Sage MAS 90 support to our clients as well as for Sage MAS 200. We practice step-by-step approach in our training classes to ensure that every aspect of the products is covered. We believe that this is the best way to make our clients learn the software in the most thorough manner possible. With the right knowledge from training, our clients are able to save a lot from expenses that can be incurred by future support costs.

With regards to supporting our clients, MTSI provides superior support services in the industry. Not only are we credible enough to tackle support issues, we are a team of consultants. We diagnose our clients’ systems and advise them on the appreciate actions to be taken to prevent them from paying more for support costs due to undiagnosed issues that can potentially become a problem later. We provide remote access support and on-site visits to our clients to ensure that their concerns are properly addressed. Our Technical Support Engineers are in-house that is why we are one among the few Sage partners in the country who can guarantee a 2-hour response time when a client calls for support, other resellers take days to respond as they outsource their support services.

Our clients are 100% referable and we offer free needs analysis and give the best unbiased recommendations for your company.

Have your free needs analysis now at MTSI!

If you want to know more about Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200, contact Marshall Technology Solutions, Inc., a premier Sage MAS 90 reseller, Sage MAS 90 partner, Sage MAS 200 reseller and Sage MAS 200 partner in the United States with over 19 years of experience. Call us at our toll free number – 866-848-2957.

MTSI opens doors for you, we will be honored to be your Sage MAS 90 reseller | MAS 200 reseller and Sage MAS 90 partner | MAS 200 Partner.

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